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I’m not sure why I hadn’t noticed it before, but today I found a plugin for Camino that adds Growl support to the Mozilla-based, Mac OS X-based browser.

GrowlCamino is simple to install, simple to uninstall, and works exactly as advertised. After installation, Camino will issue a Growl alert upon the start of a file download, completion of a file download, a failed attempt to load a page, etc. As with all other Growl-enabled applications, the alerts come in the configured style (bezel, bubble, etc., according to your Growl preferences) and are fully configurable.

With the addition of GrowlCamino, I now have Growl support working in all my major applications:

Mail (via an AppleScript and GrowlHelperApp)
iCal (via a hack detailed here)
Camino (via GrowlCamino, of course)
NetNewsWire (via the NewsGrowl script)
Adium (native support)
Cyberduck (native support)
ecto (native support)
Colloquy (native support)
Transmission (native support)

I’d love to see Growl support in Unison, but then again I’d love to see the guys at Panic do a major upgrade on Unison and add some much-needed functionality (offline support, Spotlight integration, AppleScript and/or Automator support). I could integrate Growl notifications into VirtueDesktops, but that just doesn’t seem useful at this time.

Anyway, if you are like me and were waiting patiently on a way to bring Growl support to Camino, your wait is over. Go get your copy of the plug-in right away!

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