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Group Policy Resources

I just posted several links for Group Policy-related web resources to my bookmarks list (subscribe to my RSS feed for regular updates). There are some good sites included, as well as some pretty handy tools. Since I just landed a big AD migration project, I have a feeling some of these tools may come in handy.

Here are the links that I just added:

Group Policy Wiki - The Windows Group Policy Information Hub
SpecOps GPUpdate

Some of these are pretty straightforward, like the link to the ADM template for Firefox (this is different from the earlier Firefox-Group Policy stuff I mentioned a short while back). The SpecOps GPUpdate utility, for remotely forcing an update of Group Policy settings, is more interesting; I’m particularly interested in how it can be scripted/automated to affect large numbers of computers at a time.

If you know of any other useful Group Policy resources, send the link to and mark it “for:slowe” or add it in the comments.

UPDATE: I tested the SpecOps GPUpdate product (or tried to) late last week, but was utterly and completely unable to make it even launch. I’m not sure what I did wrong, if anything, since it was a simple Windows Installer package that didn’t really ask any questions except where to place its files. Even so, it absolutely refused to launch, so I have no idea if this product is any good or even worth investigating.

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