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Weblog Moved to a New Host

As of last night, I’ve moved this weblog to a new host. Now that I’m not running my own business anymore (I went to work for ePlus Technology a few months ago), it didn’t really make sense for me to have all this equipment (including the server that was running this weblog). I couldn’t really justify paying for Internet service with a static IP address and hosting all my own equipment at home. In addition, maintaining that equipment and the operating system(s) was starting to become difficult since I was no longer working from home and working at an office instead.

All the domains, web sites, and e-mail services that I formerly managed myself have been transitioned to (or are—ahem—in the process of being transitioned). I still have a few little minor issues to address, mainly the result of some sort of disconnect between the Bluehost sales team and the Bluehost technical team. Hopefully, I’ll have that sorted out shortly.

My own personal network at home is being dismantled and reorganized. When that’s all said and done, I’ll probably end up with only a single server (most likely Linux-based) acting as some sort of media server for the house, so that the kids can listen to music and watch movies and stuff. You know, the important things.

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