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Tag Changes Ahead

Due to the changes to the site I described earlier, there are some changes ahead in how posts will be categorized and tagged. Because Ultimate Tag Warrior now causes WordPress to include the tags as well as the category in the RSS feed (to properly link up with Technorati), I will be removing tags that duplicate the category and instead using tags that are more specific, where possible.

For example, posts placed into the Microsoft category won’t have the Microsoft tag also assigned to them; otherwise, the feed shows two entries for Microsoft—one for the category, and one for the tag. Likewise, posts categorized into Security won’t be tagged Security as well; instead, I’ll break down the tags into Patches, Vulnerabilities, Exploits, etc. I haven’t come up with the specific tags that I’ll use just yet, but I do want to continue to try to keep the tags I’m using here consistent with the tags I’m using on

UPDATE: I started to go back and update some of the older articles with this scheme, and then I realized that if I don’t tag the article with the same tag as the category, then site visitors can’t search for related weblog entries or bookmarks with those tags. So, I’ve decided to leave the tags as they are and not worry about duplicate tags/categories.

Metadata and Navigation

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