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Windows PowerShell

“Monad,” Microsoft’s next-generation command-line shell and scripting language, has been renamed Windows PowerShell. (Thanks to for the heads-up.)

While I have to laugh at the name (surely Microsoft could have done better), my early work with WPS indicates that this is likely to be a very powerful tool for Windows administrators—once you overcome the complexity level. After all, Microsoft has been trying to get Windows administrators to embrace scripting for quite some time, pushing such technologies as the Windows Script Host, VBScript, and batch files. While the Windows PowerShell melds the best of all these technologies together, it also inherits the complexity. Windows administrators who don’t already have a comfort level with scripting will have a bit of learning curve to overcome before they will really be able to take advantage of the functionality of Windows PowerShell.

UPDATE 6/13/2018: I fixed the broken link for PowerShell to point to the PowerShell docs site.

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