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CheckPoint-Sourcefire Acquisition Dies

As most readers probably already know, the proposed CheckPoint-Sourcefire acquisition deal died last week. I’m of two minds about the failed deal. Part of me is disappointed that the deal did not go through, and part of me is relieved.

The part of me that is sorry to see the deal fall through was hoping to see CheckPoint’s products be invigorated through the addition of technologies developed by Sourcefire. CheckPoint’s firewall products had been top-notch, at least in the past, but they seem to have been slipping recently and the competition has been catching up and, in some cases, passing them by. The addition of some new, exciting technology from Sourcefire may have reinvigorated the company and launched them ahead of the competition. By the same token, the addition of extra resources (money, developers, expertise) from CheckPoint to Sourcefire may have also paid off for them, and would have (hopefully) trickled down into Snort.

At the same time, I shared the concerns of many others that Snort would have eventually lost its open source status under the direction of the CheckPoint corporate umbrella. Snort’s primary developer, Marty Roesch, assured the open source community that this wouldn’t happen, but no one can truly tell what the future holds. CheckPoint would certainly have lost a great deal of goodwill in the IT and security communities had such a thing happened, but many times corporations don’t care about that.

Both companies indicate that they will continue to work together, so let’s hope that the proposed benefits of this now-failed merger may still come to fruition in some form.

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