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A New Life for Virtue

My favorite Mac OS X virtual desktop manager, Virtue, has found new life with a new owner. After stalled development, Virtue is progressing on, now with full Tiger compatibility and soon to have a Universal binary so that Intel-based Mac owners can use it as well.

I wrote about virtual desktop managers on Mac OS X a while back; at that time, I was using a program called Desktop Manager and was experimenting with Virtue. The more I used Virtue, the more I grew to like it, and was very disappointed to learn that the project had apparently been abandoned and was not undergoing further development. Of particular concern was the fact that it had not been updated for reliable operation under “Tiger,” the latest Mac OS X version, and I was (at the time) preparing for an upgrade to Tiger.

I have since upgraded to Tiger (I’ll post a blog entry about that soon), and was preparing to go back to Desktop Manager—which did work under Tiger—when I came across an obscure comment in a blog entry that indicated a new version of Virtue had been released. Really? I rushed over the Virtue Sourceforge site, but sadly…no changes. A more comprehensive Google search turned up Tony Arnold’s weblog, where development of Virtue continues. Hurray!

After a quick download, install, and tweak of the preferences, I’m once again back up and running with Virtue after my Tiger upgrade. If you’re running Tiger and looking for a good virtual desktop application, look no further.

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