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A Pair of Asterisk Articles

There’s been a bit of an Asterisk convergence recently, or at least for me. I’ve come across a couple of articles that share one thing in common: the open source Asterisk VoIP PBX software. From wireless routers to virtual machines, Asterisk is making some noise.

First, there was this article from Nerd Vittles about a prebuilt Asterisk@Home virtual machine (instead to be used with the free VMware Player, but conceivably also usable with the upcoming free VMware Server) available from For all of us who’ve thought about experimenting with Asterisk, now we have no more excuses. With a prebuilt VM that has already taken the tedium from building an Asterisk PBX, now all we have to do is load it up and start tinkering. (Nerd Vittles also has a great article on the setup of Asterisk@Home 2.5.)

(Note: Asterisk@Home is a project that combines Asterisk with the base operating system—CentOS 4.2—and a number of associated applications for easy installation and deployment.)

Then, I find this article from NewsForge about Asterisk@Home running on OpenWrt. OpenWrt is a Linux distribution designed for wireless routers; specifically, the Linksys WRT54 series. It’s cool enough being able to load a full Linux distribution onto a wireless router, but it’s even cooler being able to turn that wireless router into an open source VoIP PBX as well. What will they think of next?

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