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VMware Giving Away Server for Free?

Lots of bloggers are talking about the rumors, perhaps justified, that VMware will announce on Monday, February 6, that it is giving away for free a product called “VMware Server.” It’s not clear yet if this is actually the equivalent of VMware GSX Server, or if this is entirely new product.

I was first alerted to this possibility by a posting at RTFM Education; soon after that, more articles began cropping up in various places:

There’s bound to be some truth to all of this, since some of these stories are coming from fairly reputable sources (the article has a link to a CNet article).

If it’s true, that’s fantastic news—there are so many customers that I really want to start using virtualization, but I can’t get them past the price tag. And while Microsoft’s Virtual Server 2005 is a good product (just did an install for a customer yesterday, as a matter of fact), it’s just not in the same league as VMware’s products (in my humble opinion).

I’ll post more once the official announcement occurs on Monday.

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