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Application Updates

A few of my favorite Mac OS X applications have been updated recently.

Cyberduck, an open source FTP/SFTP client, was recently updated to version 2.5.4. No major new changes in this version, just bug fixes and incremental improvements. This is a great application that I highly recommend.

Adium X, now in version 0.88, is also making steady improvements. This latest version brings a Universal binary and numerous bug fixes and improvements. If you need a multi-protocol IM client (and who doesn’t?), Adium is an excellent choice. I currently use it on MSN, Google Talk, and Jabber. (I was using it on AIM, too, until my .Mac account stopped working with AIM.)

Cocoalicious was also updated in the last few weeks, this time to version 1.0b40. If you are a Mac-toting user, you need Cocoalicious.

The Growl notification framework, used by a pretty large number of applications, was recently updated to 0.7.4. Quite a few of the applications that I now use on a regular basis—including Cyberduck and Adium, among others—I started using because they included Growl support.

Reviewing this list and looking at the changes, it’s nice to see independent developers moving so quickly to provide Universal binaries. Many of the open source applications I use are already Universal or will be Universal very quickly. Kind of makes you wonder why it’s going to take Adobe a year to get Universal binaries for its applications, doesn’t it?

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