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Ubuntu 5.10

A few days ago I mentioned Kubuntu 5.10. Kubuntu is the KDE-based variant of Ubuntu. After having installed and used Kubuntu, I decided to try Ubuntu, the GNOME-based cousin. I downloaded the ISO image of the install CD last night and installed it today while reviewing HSRP configurations for an upcoming Cisco installation.

I am equally as pleased with Ubuntu as with Kubuntu. I find that version 2.12 of GNOME, which ships with Ubuntu, is much better than the older versions of GNOME that I had used. In addition, the overall fit and finish of the distribution is very good, and I continue to enjoy using apt-get to update and upgrade packages on the system. As a matter of fact, the only downside to either distribution so far is that Kubuntu doesn’t include Firefox by default (note that Firefox is included with Ubuntu).

So, I currently have two older Compaq Armada E500 laptops that I’ve loaded with Linux—one is running Kubuntu, and the other is running Ubuntu. Both work flawlessly, including full interoperability with my wireless network.

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