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Small OpenBSD 3.8 Speed Bump

My attempts to deploy the latest version of OpenBSD, version 3.8 (released yesterday), have run into what I hope is only a small speed bump.

In previous versions of OpenBSD (I first started using OpenBSD only a couple of versions ago, with the release of OpenBSD 3.6), the AMD PCnet adapter that VMware presents to virtual machines was detected using the le driver. So, the virtual network adapter in a VM running OpenBSD 3.6/3.7 (and earlier versions, presumably) would be le1. With the release of OpenBSD 3.8, the driver has changed to pcn (making the virtual network adapter pcn0), and this doesn’t seem to work—at all. Several attempts last night failed miserably.

Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon. A Google search turned up an archived Neohapsis discussion that raises the possibility of disabling the pcn driver and using le instead. I hope to try that in the next couple of days to see how it works, and I’ll post the results here.

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