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Bluetooth Interfering with GPRS on my Treo 650

Some time ago, I noticed while using my Treo 650 that I could not perform a HotSync operation via Bluetooth while I had a GPRS connection active. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve discovered what appears to be a further incompatibility between these two wireless technologies.

It appears as if anytime I use Bluetooth on the Treo 650 for anything other than communicating with my wireless headset (a Motorola HS850), I am unable to establish a GPRS connection. I get an error (the exact text varies) whenever I try to establish the GPRS connection.

I’ve reviewed all the various settings on the Treo, but I don’t see anything that needs to be changed to fix this. This is terribly irritating, since I’d really like to be able to wirelessly HotSync my Treo to my PowerBook while I am away from the office without having to give up my data access via GPRS.

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