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Initial Information on XC Connect

As you may recall, the idea behind XC Connect is that multiple applications across platforms could synchronize data with each other. This would make it possible, for example, for a list of Contacts normally managed inside Outlook to also be shared seamlessly with Linux systems running Evolution and Macintosh clients running iCal. This synchronization would also be possible, in an encrypted fashion, across the Internet.

Tests of Windows-to-Windows synchronization are very positive. The but the real test for me is synchronizing between iCal/Address Book and Outlook. If that part works as well as what I’ve seen thus far, I will be truly excited. The idea of having a single list of contacts is more enticing than perhaps I can fully elaborate.

I plan on performing some additional tests this weekend, and when those tests are complete I’ll post more information here.

Then all I have to do is figure out why my Treo won’t synchronize fully with my laptop.

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