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Treo 650 Notes

I picked up a Treo 650 over the weekend from Cingular Wireless, my current wireless provider, and so far I have to say I am happy with the Treo. As a Palm OS-based organizer, the screen is smaller than what I had grown accustomed to on my Tungsten T3, but the resolution seems higher, and I think the color depth is greater as well. As a phone, it seems to work pretty well. The Cingular Wireless GPRS service leaves a bit to be desired, but otherwise works as expected.

I like the Bluetooth functionality, so I can now use the wireless Bluetooth headset I’ve wanted for a while. The Bluetooth support seems better on the Treo as well; I found it much easier to get a HotSync working over Bluetooth with the Treo than with the Tungsten.

I also like VersaMail, the Palm OS mail application. Using VersaMail, IMAP/SSL, and SMTP/SSL, I’m able to check and respond to e-mail messages wherever I have a decent GPRS signal strength. I was particularly pleased at the SSL support. It didn’t take me long to get the Treo downloading e-mail from my Exchange server using IMAP/SSL.

I’m still exploring options on the Treo, so don’t be surprised if I post back here in a few days talking about the Treo again.

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