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Marathon everRun 2G and everRun VM Lockstep

I first wrote about Marathon Technologies and their everRun VM product last September just prior to the start of VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. Back at the start of 2009 I also mentioned Marathon’s joint development agreement with Microsoft and the intended plan to bring everRun VM to Hyper-V environments.

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Question to my Readers

One of the things that I thought might be interesting, perhaps even useful, to the readers would be to present various views on virtualization, cloud computing, etc., from industry executives. My first foray into this sort of thing was the recent e-mail interview with Surgient CTO, Dave Malcolm.

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Cloud Computing Interview with Dave Malcolm, CTO of Surgient

I recently had the pleasure of conducting an e-mail interview with Surgient’s Chief Technology Officer, Dave Malcolm. I’ve reprinted the question and answer session here. Enjoy!

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3010: A MultiStore Primer

This session describes NetApp’s MultiStore functionality. MultiStore is the name given to NetApp’s functionality for secure logical partitioning of network and storage resources. The presenters for the session are Roger Weeks, TME with NetApp, and Scott Gelb with Insight Investments.

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Introduction to "Nehalem" CPUs

This post provides an introduction to some of the technical details surrounding Intel's new Nehalem CPUs. (Read more...)

HP's ProLiant G6 Servers

I spent the day today at Hewlett-Packard’s Houston campus, talking about their Xeon 5500-based ProLiant servers. In HP parlance, these are the G6 (sixth generation) ProLiant servers, and HP has eleven different G6 server models. That’s more Xeon 5500-based servers than both IBM and Dell, and represents a significant investment on HP’s part to incorporate this new technology into their product lineup. HP’s not alone in delivering servers based on the Xeon 5500 CPUs, but I think there may be a bit more here than meets the eye.

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Attending the Next-Generation VMware Launch Event

UPDATE: Due to circumstances outside my control, I will not be attending the launch event. I’m very disappointed, but there was no other alternative. Hopefully Rick’s coverage will be sufficient.

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HyTrust Launches Security Appliance

Today HyTrust launched its flagship product, the HyTrust Appliance, a security solution that is designed to centralize the control, management, and visibility for virtualized environments, in particular VMware Infrastructure environments. The HyTrust appliance achieves this through a number of key features:

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Double-Take Software's Workload Optimization Suite

Today Double-Take Software announces their new Workload Optimization Suite. All of Double-Take’s flagship software products are now organized and unified within the idea of workload optimization, and new products are being announced to help provide a more complete set of solutions.

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The Perfect Mac Twitter Client

No, I haven’t found it yet. Sorry, I hope I didn’t get your hopes up with that headline. I’ve been testing a bunch of different Mac clients for Twitter, and I just can’t seem to find the client that has the right mix of features. So, in the hopes that some of the developers of these various applications are reading, here are some of the applications I’ve tested and what I like about each one. Now I just need someone to take all these features and roll them into the perfect Mac Twitter client…

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