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VMware vSphere Generates Insane Amounts of I/O

The news has hit the Internet in various places, but I wanted to point it out here because it does help to debunk the myth that virtualization can’t handle all workload. What’s the news? EMC and VMware have jointly demonstrated that a single VMware vSphere host running just three virtual machines can drive just above 350,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS).

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Summary of CDP Articles

For all you data storage guys and gals out there, CDP here means “Cisco Discovery Protocol”, not “Continuous Data Protection.” Sorry.

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Hyper9 Virtualization Mobile Manager Beta Invitations

The fine folks over at Hyper9 recently offered me a very limited number of special beta invitations for Hyper9’s new Virtualization Mobile Manager (VMM) product. As you may already know, VMM is the brainchild of Andrew Kutz, who recently joined Hyper9 and has already released a few snippets of code via H9Labs.

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Pre-Order Mastering VMware vSphere 4

My forthcoming book, Mastering VMware vSphere 4, is now available for pre-order via Amazon! Click here to see all the details. The book is available with a fairly significant discount (37%), but I don’t know how long that price will last. Get it now!

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Introduction to Nehalem Memory

I wanted to follow up on my previous article on the Intel Nehalem CPUs with some additional information on memory configurations. (Read more...)

Implementing IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager

Here are some notes I gathered from a recent implementation of IBM's BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM). (Read more...)

iForum 218: What the Other Virtualization Guys Don't Want You to Know

This is iForum 218, titled “XenServer 5: What the Other Virtualization Guys Don’t Want You to Know”. The presenters are Roger Klorese and Jill Skok.

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VC105: The Marriage of Figaro

This is Christofer Hoff’s session at Virtualization Congress. The title of the session is “The Marriage of Figaro: Complexity and Insecurity of the Cloud”. I’m looking forward to the presentation, as I’ve heard some great things about Christofer’s presentations. Unfortunately, I can’t get a Internet connection here in the break-out session room, so this will have to be published later. (Even if I did get a wireless connection, the network here at Synergy seems to be incapable of supporting the demands placed upon it.)

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Citrix Synergy Day 2 Keynote

The Citrix Synergy Day 2 keynote starts about 8:40 AM with Pat Gelsinger of Intel, a figure becoming increasingly visible at events such as this conference. He starts his talk with a review of IDC statistics on the pressures and forces that are shaping IT, which is much a review of what John Gantz said yesterday.

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Sanbolic Brings Snapshots to Melio FS

Sanbolic is continuing to differentiate its clustered file system, Melio FS, in advance of the rudimentary clustered file system Microsoft plans on introducing in Windows Server 2008 R2. In an announcement last week, Sanbolic announced support for fully journaled snapshots. This functionality allows any server accessing the clustered file system to invoke a snapshot. The new snapshot functionality provides support for VSS and “full industry standard APIs,” although I’m not really sure what those “full industry standard APIs” are exactly.

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