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Notes on Some VMworld Vendor Meetings

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few different vendors over the last couple of days here in San Francisco at VMworld 2009. Here are some notes on my meetings.

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VMworld 2009 Day 2 Keynote

The day 2 keynote starts with another entertaining video.

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BC3209 and DV2484

I had on my schedule for today two sessions, BC3209 and DV2484. BC3209 was titled “Creating the Fastest Possible Backups Using VMware Consolidated Backup - A Design Blueprint”; DV2484 was titled “Server and Storage Sizing for VMware View”. You might be wondering why I haven’t published summaries of either of these two sessions.

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VMware vCloud Event with Paul Maritz

This special event with Paul Maritz around VMware’s vCloud initiative took place back in the same general hall as the morning keynote. The subject of this special meeting is VMware’s cloud offerings.

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BC1500 - Site Recovery Manager Best Practices

I arrived at this session a few minutes late because the VMworld 2009 Day 1 keynote was running late. The early part of the session was pretty straightforward with information on the various SRM components: multiple vCenter Server instances, SRM servers, storage replication, SRAs, etc., so I won’t bother recreating this here. Most people are already familiar with the basics of SRM.

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VMworld Day 0 Wrap-Up and Links

Today was a crazy day. I started the day with the second day of the Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB) meeting.

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VMworld 2009 Day 1 Keynote

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Thinking Out Loud: HP Flex-10 Design Considerations

Along with a number of other projects recently, I’ve also been spending time working with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10. You may have seen these (relatively) recent Flex-10 articles:

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Virtualization Short Take #29

I wanted to go ahead and get another issue of Virtualization Short Takes out the door before VMworld, as I suspect that I’ll be covered up both during and for some time after VMworld. So, here’s my latest collection of links and articles about virtualization, storage, and anything else I find interesting.

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Connecting Nexus 5000 to Older Gigabit Ethernet Switches

One of the things that confused me when I first started working with the Nexus 5000 line was how I would connect this 10Gb Ethernet switch to older 1Gb Ethernet switches, like the older Cisco Catalyst or HP ProCurve switches that I also have in the lab. It turns out—many of you probably already know this—that the first 8 ports on a Nexus 5010 and the first 16 ports on Nexus 5020 can be configured to operate as Gigabit Ethernet ports. You can use these ports to connect to older Gigabit Ethernet switches.

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