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Using Device Aliases on a Cisco MDS

As a follow up to a few posts I published last year on using the CLI to configure and manage Cisco MDS Fibre Channel zones, here is information on using device aliases. (Read more...)

VLAN Trunking Between Nexus 5010 and Dell PowerConnect Switches

If you don’t work in the networking space on a regular basis, it’s easy to overlook interoperability issues between equipment from different vendors. After all, a VLAN trunk is a VLAN trunk is a VLAN trunk, right? Alas, the answer is not always quite so simple.

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Connecting a Nexus 2148 to a Nexus 5010

The Cisco Nexus 2000 series fabric extender (or “fex”) is an implementation of network interface virtualization. Because the Nexus 2000 fabric extender acts as a remote line card to the upstream IV-capable bridge (a Nexus 5000 series switch, typically), all the configuration takes place on the upstream bridge. In this post, I’ll describe how to connect a Nexus 2148T to a Nexus 5010. In reality, the process is incredibly simple and not really worthy of a blog post, but in the interest of completeness I’ll document it here.

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SAN Port Channels from Nexus 5010 to MDS 9134

As part of an ongoing effort to expand the functionality of the vSpecialist lab in the EMC RTP facility, we recently added a pair of Cisco MDS 9134 Fibre Channel switches. These Fibre Channel switches are connected to a pair of Cisco Nexus 5010 switches, which handle Unified Fabric connections from a collection of CNA-equipped servers. To connect the Nexus switches to the MDS switches, we used SAN port channels to bond multiple Fibre Channel interfaces together for both redundancy and increased aggregate throughput. Here is how to configure SAN port channels to connect a Cisco Nexus switch to a Cisco MDS switch.

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Technology Short Take #7

Welcome to Technology Short Take #7! This time around I have a collection of links from networking, servers, storage, and virtualization. Our hot topics in this issue include Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and its need—or lack thereof—for congestion management, Ubuntu on Hyper-V, the benefits of VAAI, and more!

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Upcoming Podcasts

I’ve been invited to participate in a couple of upcoming podcasts and thought I’d post something here in case you are interested in listening in.

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Technology Short Take #6

Welcome to Technology Short Take #6, the latest collection of links, articles, and thoughts on virtualization, networking, storage, and the intersection of the three. I’m going to try a slightly new format for this post in my Technology Short Take series; I’m interested in knowing what you think about the format.

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SIOC Event with EMC MirrorView

Another topic arose over the last few days on the vSpecialist mailing list around an event that is logged by VMware vCenter Server when you use Storage I/O Control (SIOC) in conjunction with EMC MirrorView. (MirrorView, for those that don’t know, is a replication solution for the EMC CLARiiON arrays.) The focus on the discussion was around the fact that vCenter Server logs an event to the effect that an “external I/O workload has been detected on shared datastore running Storage I/O Control (SIOC) for congestion management”. This particular event is documented by VMware in this VMware KB article.

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RecoverPoint and VAAI Update

Last week I published a quick note about RecoverPoint-VAAI interoperability that outlined some potential concerns around the use of VAAI with RecoverPoint. In that post—which was based on current information from the RecoverPoint product management team—I called out the need to disable some VAAI functionality because it was our understanding that RecoverPoint ignored certain VAAI commands instead of rejecting them as not implemented. (Rejecting them is actually the preferred behavior, since it forces the VMware ESX/ESXi hosts to fall back to pre-VAAI operation.)

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Storage Integration Presentation from East TN VMUG

Last week I was invited to speak at a joint session of the East Tennessee VMware and EMC user groups in Knoxville. Despite some bad weather that kept some people from attending, the meeting was a great success. I’m posting a copy here, via SlideShare, of the presentation that I used for that meeting. Note that the actual presentation had some embedded videos in it that SlideShare won’t translate; these appear as blank slides.

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