VMworld 2014 Prayer Time

I mentioned this on Twitter a few days ago, but wanted to go ahead and formalize some of the details. A blog reader/Twitter follower contacted me with the idea of getting together briefly at VMworld 2014 for some prayer time. I thought it was a great idea (thanks David!), so here are the details.

What: A brief time of prayer
Where: Yerba Buena Gardens, behind Moscone North
When: Monday 8/25 through Wednesday 8/27 at 7:45am (this should give everyone enough time to grab breakfast before the keynotes start at 9am)
Who: All courteous attendees are welcome, but please note that this will be a distinctly Christian-focused and Christ-centric activity. (I encourage believers of other faiths/religions to organize equivalent activities.)
Why: To spend a few minutes in prayer over the day, the conference, and the attendees

There’s no need to RSVP or let me know that you’ll be there (although you are welcome to do so if you’d like, just so I have an idea of how many will be attending). This will be very informal and very casual—it’s just an opportunity for fellow followers of Christ to get together and say a few words of prayer.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Marc Crawford’s avatar

    Thanks for setting this up. I will try to attend every day.

  2. Jeff Stevens’s avatar

    Neat idea. I’ll try to be there.

  3. Jay Rogers’s avatar

    AWESOME Idea Scott! God is Good! Count me in!

  4. Brian Trainor’s avatar

    Thanks so much for organizing this, Scott! And thanks for regularly putting your faith out there. This is yet another great service you’re providing to the community. Count me in as well.

  5. Keith Norbie’s avatar

    I’ll try to be there.

  6. Osayawe Ogbebor’s avatar

    I missed this.
    Hopefully be part of the next one.

    Only just started following this blog today.


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