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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

In the United States, today is Thanksgiving—a day to give thanks for the many things we have in our lives. I just wanted to take a moment today to give thanks for a few of the most important things in my life:

  • My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

  • My beautiful and loving wife, Crystal

  • My awesome kids (Summer, Johnny, Elizabeth, Michael, Rhys, Sean, and Cameron)

  • My sons-in-law (Matt and Christopher)

  • My exchange student, Tim

  • My granddaughter, Lexi

  • My health

  • My career

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I encourage you to take a moment and consider the important things in your life for which you should be thankful.

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, that’s OK too—it might still be beneficial to reflect upon the good things in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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