vSphere Design Guide Giveaway

You might have seen that the second edition of VMware vSphere Design was recently released. How would you like to win a free copy?

Starting today (no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke) and running through April 15, you can enter to win a signed print copy of VMware vSphere Design, 2nd Edition! I’m giving away a free, signed copy of the book to five lucky individuals who enter and win in this book giveaway contest.

Here’s how to enter to win one of the 5 free, signed copies of the book: simply post a comment on this site telling me why you would find this book useful. Yes, that’s it!

There are a few contest rules you’ll want to note:

  • You’ll need to use a valid e-mail address when you post your comment, because if you’re a winner I’ll be contacting you via e-mail to get your shipping information.
  • If I notify you via e-mail that you’ve been selected to win a copy but you fail to respond within 48 hours with your shipping address, I’ll select a new winner in your place.
  • Because I’m paying for the shipping out of my own pocket, I’ll have to limit this contest to continental US residents only. (Sorry folks—my personal budget can’t sustain sending print books worldwide.)

Aside from the limitation to continental US residents only, this contest is open to anyone, so don’t hesitate—enter today!

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  1. Dan’s avatar

    I would like the book as I work closely with our server team and almost all our servers are virtual.

  2. Tom’s avatar

    Interested in the book because we are about to undertake the upgrade of our hosts to 5.1 (vCenter was upgraded a few weeks ago). Any mention of NetApp-specific issues would be a bonus.

  3. James Prior’s avatar

    I would find this book useful as I’m currently trying to update my VCP 3.5 certifications, and ESX 3.5 / ESXi 4 environments. This would be a great guide for understanding the changes and new guidelines for vSphere, for creating a new robust and easy to manage environment.

  4. Brandon’s avatar

    Being a network vendor SE, knowing about the network implications around HA, multisite deployments, and best practices helps me provide the right solution from the network side for my VMware running customers.

  5. Conrad’s avatar

    I can’t read the instructions, I am currently studying to do my DCA and then i will start studying for the DCD. This design book I believe will be instrumental in studying for the DCD!

  6. Firas ALTAIE’s avatar

    I have two addresses in US & Canada :-)

  7. Kenneth Fingerlos’s avatar

    The book would be useful to expand my vSphere Design background. Always something new that I didn’t know.

  8. Sean Thulin’s avatar


    Congrats on the new book! I was a big fan of your last book and used it to help review for my VCP5 exam. I’m looking forward to seeing the updated content from you, Forbes, and Kenny as I continue to expand my knowledge of virtualization and VMware.


  9. Brian Tobia’s avatar

    Congrats on the new book being released Scott! I have the first edition and it was great prep material for VCAP-DCD. Looking forward to checking out the new version with vCD, vSphere 5.1, and the other updated topics.

    It’ll come in handy for VCDX prep this summer!

  10. Steve Athanas’s avatar

    I can buy one for myself, but I’d love to give this away at a Boston VMUG meeting!

    I have version 1, and it’s been a great addition to my shelf, giving it to a member at a meeting would be awesome.

    Thanks for the great work, Scott!

  11. Firas ALTAIE’s avatar

    This book you need to keep it in your office book shelve as a reference book for the IT infrastructure.

  12. jared’s avatar


    If this book is anything like your first book, I’m looking forward to it. Your previous version certainly helped when I need a good quick reference for designing VMware solutions appropriately! Thanks again, will have one regardless…


  13. John Deatherage’s avatar

    I don’t use VMware at work anymore, so I always try to stay sharp, since I never know when I’ll encounter it again!

  14. Mike C’s avatar

    I would use the book as a resource for myself and my team when designing vsphere deployments. We deploy everything from 3 host systems to 300 host systems and having a resource to fact check is very valuable.

  15. David McKinney’s avatar

    How can this book not be useful? I currently have a number of other Scott Lowe books and have found them all invaluable.

  16. Bob Sutter’s avatar

    Mastering VMware vSphere 5 was great, so there is no doubt that this book will help me expand my virtual mind.

  17. Ben Mason’s avatar

    The will help me learn VMware more in-depth and integrate it into network architectures.

  18. Bryce’s avatar

    My vSphere environment looks like it evolved from primordial goo, so I think it would be very useful ;-)

  19. Phillip’s avatar

    I would find this book useful a few ways. One would be to help me prepare for my VCP 5 certification. Second, would be to help me better understand VMware architecture to help me design solutions to address business needs.

  20. Ryan Schurman’s avatar


    The new VMware vSphere Design, 2nd Edition book would be extremely useful for me. Without money for any VMware training classes, I’ve relied heavily on your Mastering VMware vSphere 4/5 books in administering my environment. I’d love to be able to increase my knowledge of the vSphere design aspect and this would be the perfect solution!

  21. Rob Gibson’s avatar

    While there is a tremendous amount of vSphere design guidance available on the Internet, I could really use a hardcopy book focused on this topic. TIA!

  22. John Telford’s avatar

    All of your books are useful! They help one get up to speed quickly using real-world information. I’m sure this one continue the tradition.

    Here’s hoping I win a copy.

    Thanks …John

  23. Chad Sutton’s avatar

    I would find this book useful because I’m planning to build a new vSphere environment later this year!

  24. Mark’s avatar


    We are developing the next generation of modular cloud computing system.
    With this book, we could build a better system.
    We are focusing on virtualization and sharing and dynamic configuration.

    Thanks so much for your book.

  25. Roberto’s avatar

    We are a non profit University in Canada.
    We are planning to upgrading our Cisco UCS, currently running VMware 4.0 to VMWARE 5.0 , 5.1.

    The book will help us to designing our VSphere environments , management, storage, networking ans security for vSphere 5, and vSphere 5.1


  26. Henry PAN’s avatar

    OK Scott,

    The new VMware vSphere Design, 2nd Edition book is easy to get.

    But the book with your signature is diffcult:>)

    That would be extremely useful for me. My firm freezed all the money for any VMware training classes, I’ve relied heavily on your Mastering VMware vSphere 4/5 books in administering my environment.

    I’d love to be able to increase my knowledge of the vSphere design aspect and this would be the perfect solution!

    Thanks & Happy Apr Fool’s Day


  27. Fortunate’s avatar

    Would love a copy to further my understanding of organizational vSphere setups. It’s becoming a bigger and bigger topic at my work.

  28. Michael Stevenson’s avatar

    I am a Storage Admin and we have to provision storage for many of our clients and 90% of the VMware guys we’ve come in contact with are not quite up to speed with what they want and it would help us to know what they really might need.

  29. Jeff’s avatar

    Loved Mastering VMware vSphere 5, passed by VCP5 certification last week, and would love to learn more as I consider the VCAP. Thanks for running this promotion!

  30. Brandon’s avatar

    I would enjoy this book and find it useful to help in my studies for further VMware certs. I am also trying to get my company to migrate to away from Hyper-V so the more knowledge the better!

    Thank you!

  31. Sergey’s avatar

    I read the first edition when I redesigned our VMware environment last year and it helped a lot. Would find the second edition useful as we now use ESXi 5.1 :)

  32. Johan’s avatar

    I’m a loyal follower and wish to add the knowledge you capture in this book to my arsenal.



  33. Buck’s avatar

    I would use this book as a weapon to bludgeon a family of dinosaurs that have taken residence in my home. I even saw one of the velociraptors wearing a Hyper-V shirt (I don’t even understand how he put that on – hopefully the book will help me answer that question). Scott, please help me retake what is rightfully mine.

    Additionally, this book would provide tons of great information for my job at a VMware reseller.


  34. Berend’s avatar

    Getting more knowledge of how to build a better vSphere design for my customers is on top of my list, so is this book.

    Keep on blogging in a free world Scott.

    Kind regards from Holland.

  35. Jeff’s avatar

    I’ve been a VMware admin for years, but haven’t had the opportunity to design any large greenfield installs — I’d love to read this book to get a better understanding of crucial design decisions that can have important ramifications for operations down the line.


  36. Chuck’s avatar

    Hi Scott – I’m an IT Project Manager and have been doing virtualization projects for years. I like to understand the technical aspects of the projects I manage, even though I’m not the engineer. It helps me better understand the challenges my engineers face and smooth the transition to operations when we pass a solution on to the customer.


  37. James Barrett’s avatar

    Hi Scott,

    I work for Campus Crusade for Christ (aka Cru), a non-profit organization focused on Christian ministry. We have been using vSphere for years, however I am new to administering it as I was just promoted in Sept ’12. This book would be a fantastic resource for me to continue my education in vSphere. My co-worker has another one of your books, “Mastering VMware vSphere 5″ so I know that this one will be well-written and very informative.

    Thanks for everything you do for the VMware community!

  38. Jaime Porras’s avatar

    Hello Scott-

    Thanks for the offer and thanks for your contribution to the industry. I would find this book useful because I need justification for not by-passing VMware altogether in light of the current exponential growth in cloud-based technologies.


    Jaime Porras

  39. shencanquan’s avatar

    I want to win

  40. Scott’s avatar

    I would get great use out if this book for our 4.1 to 5.1 upgrade this year.

  41. Christian’s avatar


    Definitely looking forward to the updated networking sections along with new best practices revolving around 5.1 features.

    Thanks so much for producing these books, they are invaluable

  42. Jon Henry’s avatar

    We’re beginning a project to upgrade from ESXi 4.0 to the latest 5.1 release. A book detailing the best way to design this upgraded system would be very timely!

  43. Shawn’s avatar

    I am starting a new role of technical architect and at the same time just started planning and designing a new DR site so this book would be a great asset. Thanks

  44. Akmal’s avatar

    Hi Scott,

    I am a great fan of yours and I have read your first edition (VMware vsphere design) twice. Also, I have gone through vsphere design trainsignal video course. I found the vsphere design book was better in terms of elaboration. However, I enjoyed the calculation and decision making tricks (mindmaps) which you explained in videos were amazing.

    This is really helping for my VCAP DCD exam. I am eagerly waiting for second edition before I appear for VCAP 5 DCD exam. I will also participate in the upcoming challenge on VDM -challenge and I am currently rank 6 on cloudcred. I am enjoying these educative competitions.

    Coming back to your design book, it is a treasure who wants to lean and understand the vsphere stuff and it is just not vmware, the initial concepts are applicable for any architect. I am also excited about the new chapter addition on vcloud director designing. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for this signed copy of design book as I am in India but I am certainly getting this book later if not now. I wish you all the best and waiting for your new sharing on networking.

    Akmal Waheed

  45. robert’s avatar

    Even though i’m a systems engineer we often get asked to make decisions or recommendations that would require a designers hat. So it would be a worthwhile book for me to read

  46. Ryan’s avatar

    Your first book was the main source of information I used in achieving my VCP4 and I am sure this one is just as good!

  47. Alex’s avatar

    This book will be helpful as my organization is currently rearchitecting our 5+ year old VMware environment. We are also implementing a new storage array and switching protocols.

  48. Aaron’s avatar

    This will help me learn vSphere design to a standard that is required in today’s modern infrastructures.

  49. Nigel Nazir’s avatar

    We are trying to upgrade to ESXi 5.1 and integrating View 5 as well. I’m very interested in making sure that we architect this properly and would love to obtain a copy of this book.


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