Announcing VMware vSphere Design, 2nd Edition

I’ve been phenomenally lucky to be involved in a number of book projects around VMware vSphere. I think that most people probably know me for the wildly popular Mastering VMware vSphere 4 and Mastering VMware vSphere 5 books (released at VMworld 2009 and VMworld EMEA 2011, respectively), but in late 2010/early 2011 I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Forbes Guthrie and Maish Saidel-Keesing on VMware vSphere Design. Even though that book hasn’t sold as many units as the Mastering books, it’s a work of which I’m equally proud. The topic of designing vSphere environments can be difficult to address, but I think we did a pretty good job.

Today I’m excited to announce that Forbes Guthrie and I–along with some support from Kendrick Coleman–have undertaken a revision of that book, to be released as VMware vSphere Design, 2nd Edition.

VMware vSphere Design, 2nd Edition

In addition to a new cover design (nice, huh?), this new version of the book has a new interior as well! The book has been thoroughly updated to include design topics and considerations for vSphere 4, vSphere 5, and vSphere 5.1. In addition to discussing design topics like management, storage, networking, and security, Kendrick contributed content around design considerations for vCloud Director. The updated and expanded content makes this a great resource for anyone who will be designing VMware vSphere environments.

For more information about the book, or to see a list of resellers for the book, visit the publisher’s page.

Thanks, and I think I speak for Forbes and Kendrick when I say that we hope this resource is useful to you!

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  1. Gopinath’s avatar

    Good news !!

    Thanks for your efforts and sharing the knowledge, the last version is really a good one. It gave really a good insight to me, the strategy and consideration etc.

    Thanks for you and Forbes also.


  2. Graham Mitchell’s avatar

    Good to see an update of your book published. I did check out to purchase it (pre order it). It looks like the paper version is $26.36, and the kindle version is $32.99. Are they seriously charging more for the electronic version of the book than the paper copy?

    I realize that you don’t set the prices on these, but this just seems silly. If the Kindle version had been better priced, I might have bought both (like I did with both the DRS deep dive books); even if the design book had a coupon in it for a reduced price for the eVersion if you purchased the pVersion, that would be fine.

    Sounds like either Amazon or your publishers are looking to make a quick buck off the eVersion, which is a shame, and I am sure you won’t see the additional monies they are charging.

  3. Matt’s avatar

    Also pre ordered mine on, expected delivery is Apr 18-May 8.

  4. Justin Hart’s avatar

    This book was awesome. I bought the kindle version last week. It was my last thing to study before the VCAP5-DCD this past monday (passed). However, this book is more than just DCD study material. It is full of great design oriented material as well as advanced knowledge of vSphere. I am sure I will be referencing this book regularly. Thanks to the authors for a great 2nd edition.

  5. Ross Cavanagh’s avatar

    I did find it weird that the kindle edition was more than the paperback, however, I did purchase it (kindle edition that is). But as Graham pointed out, seems very odd to have it priced that way.

  6. Ian Noble’s avatar

    Sounds like a great book, will wait for it to be available as on as with one purchase you get the PDF version (identical to the book unlike an ebook) as well as the ebook version for kindle.

  7. Tas Papadopoulos’s avatar

    Great. I’ll be ordering it as soon as it is available as an O’Reilly ebook.

  8. Tom’s avatar

    Contest comment: I’ll find it very useful, being the sole VMware admin in my company and this will save me a lot of time by being able to review useful info all in one place rather than hours searching the Internet. Please pick me!! Thank you…

  9. AJ’s avatar

    Great book so far. After reading the Mastering vSphere 5 book cover to cover, I had to get this new one also. Thanks Scott!

  10. Mark’s avatar

    Contest: It would be great to have your deep-dive on more modern information as we design & migrate from ESX4 to ESX5.

  11. Carlos’s avatar

    Thank you for all you do! Would be super-fantastic to win! Would be very useful to fill in all of those gaps and knowledge product!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  12. PaulP’s avatar

    Contest: A lot of people says that this will be useful for VCAP-DCD 5. Is time to move from operational side to design and hope the book will be a good help.

  13. Desigan’s avatar

    Just purchased a copy from Kindle store, I found the first books very helpful and informative. Thank you for you contribution :-)

  14. Stuart Coombes’s avatar

    I am a DC Architect just about to embark on a vSphere 5 MetroCluster design underpinned by EMC VMAX and VPLEX… I have purchased the book and hope it will provide some great hints to help me on my way!

  15. Javier’s avatar

    Scott, I’m reading vSphere Design book (very helpful information and framework for Architects). Need some help to clarify/confirm a note on chapter 2, “design esxi hypervisor, you mention that vm configured with Microsoft clustering or fail-over aren’t supported on ESXi V5 that boot from SAN.
    It is possible to get link or more information to further understand this limitation.

  16. Ian Noble’s avatar

    Further to previous comment, this is now available on O’Reilly Books.

    “Sounds like a great book, will wait for it to be available as on as with one purchase you get the PDF version (identical to the book unlike an ebook) as well as the ebook version for kindle.”

  17. Tas Papadopoulos’s avatar

    Picked it up yesterday. It is in Goodreader on my iPad.


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