OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook Giveaway

It’s no secret that I’ve been spending time over the last few months working with a number of open source technologies like KVM, Open vSwitch (OVS), and libvirt, all building up to a focus on how these pieces fit together as part of OpenStack. To help strengthen my OpenStack skills, I picked up a copy (actually my wife Crystal bought me a copy) of Kevin Jackson’s OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, a book that I’ve been working my way through. So far, it’s been great—I highly recommend it.

Now I have the opportunity to help five lucky readers win a copy (either electronic or print) of OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, courtesy of Packt Publishing. Sweet, eh?

It’s pretty easy to be entered to win. Here’s how:

  1. First, head over to the book’s web site at Packt Publishing. Read through the description of the book. You can even download a copy of Chapter 3 as a sample chapter for you to read.

  2. Once you’ve read through the description of the book, post a comment here on this site telling me what you find most interesting about the book. That’s it!

Five lucky winners will be selected to receive their choice of either an electronic copy of the book or a print copy of the book. Please note that winners from the US and Europe can choose from either print or electronic versions of the book; winners from all other areas are limited to the electronic version only.

The deadline to post your comment and be entered to win is January 15, 2013. Winners will be notified via e-mail, so be sure to use a valid e-mail address when you post your comment.

Good luck!

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  1. Adam Eckerle’s avatar

    Scott, appreciate the “contest” ;-)

    I’ve been loosely following OpenStack as well as some of the other competing stacks. Although it isn’t on the forefront of many of my customer’s minds, I think it is an interesting subject and definitely feel the need to learn more about it.

    I think the thing that is most interesting subject at first glance is the use of Swift and object-based storage. Although I’m now having an internal battle over that and MAAS provisioning. Lot’s to learn, that’s for sure!

    Thanks again Scott!

  2. Mike Preston’s avatar

    First off Scott thanks for all of the great content you have provided over the years… I never really appreciated the time and effort it takes until I began blogging myself – certainly the passion helps :)

    As per OpenStack I don’t really know a lot about the technology or the process… Certainly this book will help me to explore it further and understand how at the very least the technology components are configured and interact. The shear fact that they have ‘practical, real world examples’ certainly will help with that :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  3. Matt Patterson’s avatar

    The thing that I find interesting about this book is simply another alternative for virtualization that is out there. Many companies are starting to explore options and finding the right tool for the job. OpenStack may have a bit more wrench turning in certain aspects, but the price is hard to beat and the technology has been proven by its backers and their success.

  4. Pankaj’s avatar

    Hello Scott ,

    I would rate myself as an amateur in Cloud computing , but definitely have the zeal to understand and apply it.
    This book would definitely be handy to have a broad idea on the subject.

    One thing that excites me on this subject is that , over 150 companies have joined the Cloud computing project and its free open source software.

    Thank You.

  5. Frank’s avatar

    Cloud Computing needs to have open, vendor independent standards. OpenStack has a good chance to play a major role in the developing cloud management ecosphere. As an end-user I’m interested how OpenStack can help preventing a vendor lock-in.
    Thanks for this, your blog and a merry Christmas.

  6. Bill’s avatar

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I’ve been intrigued by OpenStack for a while now, owing mostly to its AWS compatability. Looks like an interesting book. I would definitely need to learn some more to spin up a full private cloud, so all of this info would be great to read up on over the holidays.

  7. Umair Hoodbhoy’s avatar

    Interesting idea to have a self-contained cookbook to serve as a one-stop shop for a movement that is advancing at a tremendous pace. I’d find it pretty handy myself as I am building a home lab. Since it was published in September 2012, when Folsom was released, I’m not too sure how relevant the networking content will be. Folsom was the release that introduced Quantum, the core networking component. Chapter 3, which is on Identity (Keystone), is available as a sample chapter. However, I wish Chapter 10, which is on networking, were available instead. That way I’d have an idea how relevant it still is now that Quantum is a core component. It probably covers Nova Networking, which covers basic networking (VLANs etc), and not the more advanced use cases that Quantum offers, such as multi-tenancy, and features, such as tunneling.

    But there’s no way for me to know without having the book. So please draw my name out of the hat!

  8. Henry PAN’s avatar

    Wow Love it.

    What OpenStack Cloud Computing could help me reduce storage cost?

    OpenStack Cloud Computing vs AWS?

    Does OpenStack Cloud Computing is the way to go?

    Thanks & Happy Holiday!


  9. Eric Wright’s avatar

    Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway and on your OpenStack content. Very cool!

    The book looks really great. I like the layout and the full end-to-end coverage. Not only does the subject matter look detailed, but the chapter layout is concise and gets you to the build process quickly. This will be a must have for someone who wants to dive in and get their OpenStack learning underway.

    OpenStack is clearly gaining serious momentum and as virtualization admins it is an important subject to understand. Can’t wait to dive into more OpenStack myself!

  10. Kevin Jackson’s avatar

    Hi Scott,
    This is great. Thanks to you and the commentators for the excellent feedback. This is a brilliant chance for people to grab a copy of my book to allow them to explore OpenStack.
    The book is written for Essex on Ubuntu 12.04, but this means that the vast majority of the content is still relevant for the latest release, Folsom. Although Folsom includes Quantum, Quantum isn’t a requirement to run the latest code.

    Good luck everyone.


  11. Robert Novak’s avatar

    I’m most interested in the storage side… I work in an environment that has both OpenStack and CloudStack (and a few other virtualization environments too… comes with a huge IT organization (or an assortment of them).

  12. Romain DECKER’s avatar

    Scott, thank you for sharing this with us !

    I begin to read here and there about OpenStack, and I’m wondering to test it in home lab : this book seems great as it present the installation, the running and the troubleshooting of the different elements of OpenStack.

    Behond Chapter 3 (about Keystone), I’m more interested in the storage and the networking chapters of the book !

    Thank you

  13. Kirk’s avatar

    Thanks for doing this Scott. I REALLY enjoyed your Vmware 4 book, so if you’re supporting this book, it’s going to be good :-) We’re currently looking at private cloud options, and while everyone seems to have a blog post about things here and there, it’s nice to see it all packaged into one tight bundle to get us up and running.

  14. Vcloudguy’s avatar

    Finally there is some well organized information to read on already crowded cloud market place. Also good to know there are open source alternatives available with initiatives backed by big names.

    Thanks Scott!

  15. Burak Uysal’s avatar

    Hi Scott,

    This book is oing to be my xmas reading. We have a huge government project in 2013 and they want to use OpenStack. I know very little about it, OpenStack is booming and every 3/10 conversation includes the verb OpenStack now.


  16. Ilkin’s avatar

    Thanks for this opportunity Scott. This is an excellent chance to explore OpenStack. Would be glad to have it my bookshelf.

  17. Devon’s avatar


    I have looked into OpenStack as a learning opportunity for a few weeks now, and the book looks to be a great resource for getting started with OS. What I am really looking forward to is the networking portions. Networking has never been my strong suit, but this will be an opportunity to really dive into it!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Shilpa Nagaraja’s avatar

    Hi Scott

    Thanks for the interest that you brought in, for OpenStack Cloud Computing and also the great giveaway :)
    It’s cool to install and run our own private cloud.

    There are a couple of interesting sections about the book, listed down:
    1. Nova Volumes – describing persistent storage services used by compute environment.
    2. Understanding of bare-metal provisioning
    3. OpenStack High availability feature.

    Thank you!!

  19. vLinuxer’s avatar

    Don’t really know a lot about the technology. Certainly this book will help to understand it further.

  20. ana’s avatar

    I read chapter-3 and I would like to receive a copy.
    I will send you a feedback of the Book, chapter-3 looks fine
    Thank you very much

  21. Jeremy’s avatar

    Thanks for the snippet and the opportunity to receive a copy. As I dig deeper into Virtualization and Cloud-based computing, I’m going to rely heavily on your blog.

  22. Lee’s avatar

    I’ve only just started looking into OpenStack and was pleased to see that there’s a book on it. Whilst their own wiki and various blog posts help I find a book with simple to follow step by step commands and lot more useful. As I look to set-up an small test environment I think this book could be more useful than other resources due to it’s simply to follow layout and copy & paste commands.

  23. KB’s avatar

    OpenStack is fast growing technology. VMware and EMC jumped on OpenStack board. It seems that OpenStack plus Puppet are starting to be key features of Software Delivery Datacenter concept. It is great news for all *nix-centric people and not only. This book is a real deal… which allows to dive into a Cloud built on OpenStack and perform all the tasks you need.

  24. Ron’s avatar

    This is an interesting book and I am curious as to which customers base this solution is best positioned for with respect to the VMware suite of virtualization.

    Scott, I l really appreciate your contribution to the virtualization community. I have been a student of VMware for about 4-years now and most of what I have learned came from you and the VMware website. Thank you!

  25. Ronnie’s avatar

    The fact that so many major companies are actively participating in OpenStack underscores the reality that an open cloud platform _is_ going to be part of the new paradigm shift to “cloud computing” as a whole (private, public, hydrid, etc). Great to see more documentation covering OpenStack and all of the components that it includes. Interesting that the selected sample chapter is the one for Keystone, as it provides a major advancement of OpenStack’s capabilities as a part of the recent Essex release.

  26. TJ’s avatar

    Storage layer and DR on a cloud platform is critical mainly for enterprise running mission critical, revenue generating products. It will be interesting to see how the adoption from the large storage vendors (EMC, IBM, HP, Netapp, HDS) with Openstack or will smal storage players beat them to the punch.

  27. txolson’s avatar

    Fascinating stuff. Ran across your blog via vSphere-land and this post caught my eye. Checked out the description of the book and am looking forward to investigating some of the tech mentioned (Nova and Swift first). Also liked the mention of securing the environment (and being able to have a guide to do it)

  28. Nikolai’s avatar

    The chapters towards the end, especially chapter 10 to 12, particullarly intersting to me. They cover topics that are esential to running Openstack in production, yet for which infomation is usually hard to come by.

  29. Daniel’s avatar

    I was reading your post on OpenStack and what caught my eye was the “Chapter 7, Glance OpenStack Image Service, teaches you how to upload and modify
    images (templates) for use within an OpenStack environment.” I work in a VMWare environment and provision out desktops to my users. I am interested in chapter 7 the most because of this. The virtual desktop seems to be the wave of the future I think and Linux might be the cheapest way to do this with smaller companies.

  30. Ken Briggs’s avatar

    I think OpenStack is something of the future and need to read more to bring it into the present.

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