Presentation from Portland VMUG

At the request of a few individuals, I’m posting my presentation from the Portland VMUG here. It’s my first presentation on OpenStack, and hopefully I didn’t mangle things too badly. Feel free to provide any corrections, clarifications, or other feedback in the comments below (courteously, of course).

Here’s the presentation as hosted on SpeakerDeck:

For those that would like a direct download, it’s available here as a PDF.

Also, several readers indicated they’d like to be able to have direct downloads for some of the other presentations, so here are links to those presentations (as PDFs) as well:

Three Technologies Worth Watching or Learning
5 Thoughts on Staying Sharp and Relevant (London)

As always, I hope this is helpful in some way, and courteous comments are encouraged below.

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  1. Simon Hamilton-Wilkes’s avatar

    Thanks for the PDF links, even when there’s just a handful of slides I’d much rather have these as off-line consumable content. Despite GoGo, 30,000 feet seems to be my ideal altitude for catching up on reading and studying.

  2. Paul’s avatar

    Thanks Scott. You sure know how to respond to reader feedback quickly! :-)


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