So Long, Status Quo (Again)

A little over two years ago, I wrote a blog post titled “So Long Status Quo.” (The title is taken from the Nichole Nordeman song “Brave”, in case you didn’t catch the reference.) At the time, I was making a pretty big move in my life, moving from a career in the VAR/reseller space—where I’d been for over a decade—into a job working for EMC Corporation on the vSpecialist (aka the VMware Affinity) team.

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind of change, a fitting culmination to a period of my life that started way back in the early 2000′s when I first installed VMware Workstation and started down a path dominated by VMware’s virtualization solutions. Since starting down that path with VMware, a lot of “milestones” have been achieved:

  • This web site really took off during VMworld 2007 in San Francisco, where I liveblogged like a madman.
  • At VMworld 2009, I spoke for the first time and released my first book, Mastering VMware vSphere 4.
  • My second book (with Jase McCarty and Matthew Johnson), VMware vSphere 4 Administration Instant Reference, was released later in 2009.
  • In early 2010 I achieved the status of VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).
  • In 2010, I had the privilege of being a co-author on VMware vSphere Design, with Forbes Guthrie and Maish Saidel-Keesing.
  • In 2010, I also spoke at VMworld again. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a very good job that year, but I did learn some important lessons—from that perspective, it was useful.
  • I spoke again at VMworld 2011, leveraging the lessons learned from the previous year, and managed to end up with one of the 5 most highly-rated sessions at VMworld US.
  • Between VMworld US and VMworld EMEA 2011, I released my fourth book, Mastering VMware vSphere 5, and managed—just barely—to actually get some books to Copenhagen for VMworld EMEA.
  • This year, I produced my first Train Signal video training course, titled Designing VMware Infrastructure.

Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, and I’ve been told that my talks, my writing, my website, and my books have been genuinely helpful. To me, that’s been the best part of this journey with VMware—knowing that I’ve been able to help other people in some small way.

Now, two years after my last “So Long, Status Quo” post, I am preparing to enter another period of great change. It is not without some sense of trepidation, much like so many years ago when I first started focusing on VMware. The phrase, “So long, status quo” is as relevant to me today as it was then. Very soon, I’ll transition into a new role at EMC. I’m leaving the vSpecialist team to join a small team called the Solutions Innovation Group, where I’ll be helping to create new solutions built with emerging technologies and partners. That, by itself, is not that big of a change—a new manager and a new job role with a new job description, but not a major change. The major change is that, in this new role, VMware will no longer be my primary focus. I’ll still be working with VMware, but it won’t be the central focus. My new role necessitates that I will be working extensively with OpenStack and CloudStack as well as VMware’s products.

It’s a brave new world, that’s for sure. Trust that I’ll continue to share lots of solid technical content here, although it might be a bit less VMware-centric moving forward. I’ll be learning lots of new products and technologies, and you can almost bet the learning process will generate quite a fair amount of new content. I hope as I continue on my own journey of personal and professional growth that the information I share here will be as useful and helpful to others as it has been in the past.

So long, status quo (again)…

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  1. Christopher Kusek (@cxi)’s avatar

    You will still have the full support of the community and your friends on this transition! Congratulations on this new opportunity!

  2. PBradz’s avatar

    Congrats Scott, sounds really exciting and a great fit for you!
    Wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading some very interesting stuff!

  3. Olufisayo’s avatar

    Scot, change is something that is inevitable in life and i wish you all the best. You’re a brick to my vWorld!



  4. Mike Brown’s avatar

    Hi Scott,

    All the best to you! Thanks so much for giving back to the vCommunity all these years. As long as you’re sharing, we’ll be following you.



  5. Jason Boche’s avatar

    Best wishes in your new role Scott. I know that learning new technologies drives you. You’ve clearly mastered vSphere and so I can’t say I’m surprised by this announcement. You bring a lot of energy to the community and a serious focus where it’s desperately needed in social media. You’ve helped countless people pass the VCP exams with your books (I’m a witness to the tweets & forum postings) and I think you’re an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing and serving as an example to what is possible in life and career with God and family as your top priorities.

  6. Simon Seagrave’s avatar

    Congratulations Scott on the new role and the exciting challenges it will offer!

    It’s been a privilege working with you in the vSpecialist team and I’m sure this will continue in the future.

    I look forward to learning more about OpenStack and CloudStack from your ever informative blog posts.

    All the best,


  7. David Davis’s avatar

    Big Congrats to you, Scott ! I look forward to seeing these innovations – sounds like some very cool stuff.

    All the best,

  8. James’s avatar

    Good Luck Scott in your new opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing some wonderful posts on your blog and for your excellent books, they are such a valuable resource, it really is appreciated.

    Kind regards

  9. Jane Rimmer’s avatar

    Congrats Scott, sounds a great move! Looking forward to seeing you again at VMworld

  10. Jim’s avatar

    Good luck and God Bless Scott. You rock.

  11. slowe’s avatar

    All, thank you so much for your well-wishes and your kind words. I really appreciate it! Rest assured that I will continue sharing information here—I’m going to be learning a lot, and I anticipate that will generate a lot of new content. I’m thankful for the support and I hope that I can continue to share information that is useful to someone out there.

    Thanks again everyone!

  12. John Troyer’s avatar

    Scott, good luck in the new role! We’ll miss you focusing on VMware, but it’s early days in the cloud stack world, and the industry needs folks like you there. This is critical for IT to deliver on the business-critical transformation we’ve promised.

  13. slowe’s avatar

    John, thanks! I’ll still be working with VMware, just not exclusively, and—as you pointed out—it’s still early days in the cloud stack world. Interesting times are ahead of us! See you at VMworld!

  14. Rick Blythe’s avatar

    Best of luck Scott! A change is good every once in a while :)

  15. Andre Leibovici’s avatar

    Scott, thanks for all the years you worked with and for the VMware community. Is has also been my great pleasure to work alongside you at the EMC vSpecialist team. I wish you nothing more than best in your new role. Yes, you ROCK!

  16. Colin Westwater’s avatar

    Congrats on the new role! Hopefully you will released Mastering VMware vSphere v6 when it eventually gets released. ;-)

  17. jfrappier’s avatar

    Good luck with the move! Thanks for the knowledge sharing in the VMware space!

  18. shalz’s avatar

    Congratulations and all the best Scott! Hooe that you’ll continue to share valuable insights on OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware!

  19. Josh Atwell’s avatar

    Congratulations on the new role, Scott. You are something of a role model for many of us, myself included. I’m confident we’re all going to be awaiting anxiously to see what you share in the OpenStack and CloudStack realms.

    I hear a great deal about each these days and I’m sure as they mature you will be providing the content the community needs to understand and become masters of these technologies.

    Best of luck!

  20. Mike Laverick’s avatar

    Congrats on your new role, Scott. I hope we can work together more closely now I’m part of the “Family”… (why do i hear the opening bars of the Godfather, when I hear that term…)…. ;-)

  21. Bilal Hashmi’s avatar

    Change is the only constant. Congrats and good luck to you on a new journey. Will be looking forward to the new content.

  22. slowe’s avatar

    Thank you all for your kind words and well-wishes—I really appreciate it! I’m looking forward to exploring some new technologies and sharing what I find with readers here. I hope that it is useful in some small way.

  23. Giri Fox’s avatar

    The two cloud stacks will greatly benefit from your powers of geekdom. Enjoy!

  24. David Marshall’s avatar

    All the best my friend. Sounds like an exciting adventure, one that you will easily take by the horns and master, make your own, and have a good time doing it. Be well.

  25. Tim Oudin’s avatar

    Congratulations Scott, this sounds like it’ll be a pretty awesome move for you. This move sounds like a very logical progression in the career path you’ve been on, and quite exciting as well. Hope to see you at VMworld this year!

  26. Ken Schroeder’s avatar

    Good luck Scott! Looking forward to your sharing of experience in that space.

  27. Brad Hedlund’s avatar

    Super sweet new role Scott. Congratulations!
    You’re the perfect man for the job, as somebody who can explain the complicated stuff in way most people can understand.


  28. slowe’s avatar

    Brad, thanks for your kind words—that’s high praise coming from someone who is also quite talented at explaining complicated things to others.

    All, thank you again for your well wishes. I plan to keep sharing as much information as I possibly can!


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