Technology Short Take #22

Welcome to Technology Short Take #22! Once again, I find myself without too many articles to share with you this time around. I guess that will make things a bit easier for you, the reader, but it does make me question whether or not I’m “listening” to the right communities. If any readers have suggestions on sources of information to which I should be subscribing or I should be following, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

In any case, let’s get into the meat of it. I hope you find something useful!



  • I have to agree with Tom Hollingsworth that we often create backdoors by design simply out of our own laziness. I’ve heard it said—in fact I may have used the statement myself—that no amount of security can fix stupidity. That might be a bit strong, but it does apply to the “shortcuts” that we create for ourselves or our customers in our designs.


  • Kevin Houston (who works for Dell) posted an article about a recent test report comparing power usage between Dell blades and Cisco UCS blades. If you’re comparing these two solutions, find a comparable report from Cisco and then draw your own conclusions. (Always get multiple views on a topic like this, because every vendor—and I know because I work for a vendor, too—will spin the report in their favor.)


That’s it for this time around. I hope that you have found something useful here. If anyone has any suggestions for sites/forums they’ve found helpful with data center-focused topics, I’d love for you to add that information in the comments.

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  1. Paul Kelly’s avatar

    WOW, I’ve been mentioned on the epic blog of Scott Lowe!

  2. Andre’s avatar

    Thanks for the mention and linkage.

    Andre Leibovici

  3. Chris Cowley’s avatar

    Err, the oVirt link goes to the Dell/Cisco blade comparison.

  4. slowe’s avatar

    Paul, thanks for creating useful content—keep it up!

    Andre, no problem. Thank you for serving the community with knowledge.

    Chris, sorry about that! I’ve fixed the link.

  5. Scott’s avatar

    Great summary, Scott. I read through most of these articles. The one I was very interested in reading about is Ben Armstrong’s article on storage migration performance.

    Did you find it a little strange that he starts the article with “how does it perform?” and then writes an article that does not answer the question? I’d love to see some results on their migration capabilities. Their first version of live migration was excellent. This might be another area they could show leadership against vSphere.


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