Announcement: VMware vSphere Training Video

In my 2012 projects post, I alluded to some “new projects” that I wasn’t quite ready to discuss. As you can guess by the title of this post, this is one of those new projects! I’m very excited to announce that I am working with Train Signal to create a video training course strictly focused on designing VMware vSphere environments. In fact, the name of the new video training course is “Designing VMware Infrastructure.”

Creating a video training course is completely different from anything I’ve done before. I’m comfortable speaking in front of groups (I’ve spoken at multiple VMworld conferences and numerous full-day VMUG conferences all around the world), but recording a video training course isn’t quite the same. Nor it is like writing a book. (Strangely enough, I almost think writing a book is easier!) However, part of the theme in my 2012 projects is about expanding into new areas and new things, so this fits right in with that theme.

In addition, this video training series is a great complement to VMware vSphere Design (available here on Amazon), the book I co-authored with Forbes Guthrie and Maish Saidel-Keesing. (Stay tuned for some potential news on this front, too.)

Work is already underway on the video training course, which should be available near the end of June (only a few months away!). Look for more information as I progress through the course, and I’ll be sure to make an announcement when the course is actually available.

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  1. Jon H’s avatar

    This sounds like it will be a awesome training resource. Reading the VMware vSphere Design book now.

  2. Michael Platsis’s avatar

    Looking forward to the Video series !

  3. Jim Dotson’s avatar


    Will the video material contain additional information not covered in the book?

  4. karlochacon’s avatar

    I read the book so I think videos will be very helpful as well

  5. slowe’s avatar

    Jim Dotson, the topic of both is, of course, vSphere design. There will naturally be a great deal of overlap, but I do think that there will be a reasonable amount of unique material in each resource. In addition, there are some individuals who learn well from a book, and others who learn well from a training video. I would recommend that you choose the resource that is most closely aligned with your learning style/needs. Thanks!

  6. Hywel’s avatar

    Hi scott, enjoying reading the book at the moment. Will the video be updated for the, vsphere 5?

  7. slowe’s avatar

    Hywel, the video will contain content for vSphere 5.

  8. Frank Blacke’s avatar

    That’s an outstanding idea and will help fulfill a big gap in virtualization traing materials; much like your book did. Can’t wait for it to become available.

  9. Ryan’s avatar

    I’m really looking forward to this video series. I wanted to suggest one thing that wasn’t in the design book and I’m hoping might be included, in case the vidoes aren’t finished yet. That is practicals on what software tools to use to help design things. For example, using Visio for diagrams, and how to best set up diagrams, finding stencils, etc. I have found some visio stencils for VMware but they haven’t been that great. I’m sure other people making VMware diagrams have similar questions. Ultimately you have to be able to share your design with your boss or others with some kind of a that is as easy to use and present with as possible. I didn’t see anything like this in the design book (unless I missed) but it would be a great topic to include I think.

  10. slowe’s avatar

    Ryan, thanks for your comment. At this point in time, the video series is well on its way to being completely done. However, throughout the course I do refer to various tools and techniques that can be used during the design process. Hopefully, this will help somewhat with your suggestion.

  11. Ryan’s avatar

    Sounds great. I’m really looking forward to these videos.


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