VMware View Client for Mac with PCoIP

VMware just released the PCoIP-enabled version of the VMware View client for Mac OS X (download here; login required). After having used it this morning to connect to my corporate View desktop, I must say that I am quite impressed.

The responsiveness of my View desktop is significantly improved over RDP. Under RDP, browsing any sort of Web site—and accessing various internal-only sites is a key use for my corporate View desktop—was just downright painful. With the new PCoIP-enabled Mac client, it’s drastically better. Pages redraw much more quickly, and the browser is much more responsive.

Aside from the much-improved performance granted by the PCoIP support, a few other things stand out:

  • It’s nice to see VMware fully embrace the idea of developing for the Mac—no installer package, just open the DMG and drag-and-drop the application into your Applications folder. The new client also offers Lion full-screen support as well.
  • The new client no longer requires the Microsoft RDP Client installed. (However, note that if you need RDP connectivity to Windows 7, the new client won’t support that just yet. For that, you’ll need to use the previous generation VMware View client along with the Microsoft RDP Client.)
  • You can easily resize your desktop by simply resizing the window. That’s a little thing, I know, but it’s still handy.

Overall, it’s great to see VMware working hard to expand endpoint availability. If I understand correctly, VMware also released updated clients for the iPad and Android as well, both of which also support PCoIP (the View client already supported PCoIP and I’ve used that before as well). Now we just need a PCoIP-enabled client for Linux and we’re good to go!

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  1. Jim Jones’s avatar

    Good info, Scott… I’m glad to be finished with the RDP client. This is a much smoother solution.

  2. Andy Takacs’s avatar

    The benefits from VMware ‘unhooking’ the View client from its server’s codebase continue! Not having to chain the Mac RDP client seems like the (2nd?) best feature :)

  3. Chris R.’s avatar

    I just tested, very cool, especially the window rsize and Lion Full screen mode.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. sal’s avatar

    good stuff, i was looking for info on why the 4.6 client launched an rdp session & found this, the new client is awesome. it was never a good experience for me connecting to my windows 7 vm at work via rdp from my mac, with any rdp client, couldnt even get them keyboard to send the proper keys! just wanted to note, using the client you linked i am able to connect to my win 7 desktop using pcoip without launching rdp.

  5. Giuliano Bertello’s avatar

    Just discover it!!! Thanks Scott!
    Tried right now, it works great on Windows 7 as well, I guess you mean “supported” but it works :-)
    Looking forward to the official release!

  6. Dave’s avatar

    This is fantastic compared to the old RDP based client. Finally all my devices have PCoIP support! Now that all the major vendors have a native Mac client, I wonder when we’ll get some performance statistics put together.

  7. Eiad Al-Aqqad’s avatar

    The new client is just amazing if compared with the old RDP one. At least this is one less task I require to run Windows for. I can not wait for the vSphere Web Client to be as functional as the installable one. When that get in place I will be much less dependent on my Windows XP VM :).

    Anyway if any of you as well interested in seeing the PCoIP Client in action, you can check the following post of mine: http://www.virtualizationteam.com/virtualization-vmware/vmware-view-virtualization-vmware/vmware-view-5-pcoip-client-for-mac.html which include a video and quite few screen shots.


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