Mastering VMware vSphere 5 Now Available

I’m very excited to announce that both Kindle and paperback copies of Mastering VMware vSphere 5, the eagerly-anticipated vSphere 5 book, are now available from Amazon. At the time of this writing, the Kindle version was priced higher than the paperback version, but I’m hoping that Amazon—who solely controls pricing for Kindle books—will drop the price soon.

The book is also available from other outlets and in other formats, if you’re interested:

One of the complaints of Mastering VMware vSphere 4 was that the electronic formats weren’t fast enough coming, so we’ve really tried to address that this time around.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the book!

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  1. Jason Boche’s avatar

    Congratulations Scott on your book launch. I’m looking forward to receiving the copy I pre-ordered. I’ll may grab the Kindle version again also for the search capability.

  2. Scott Bentley’s avatar

    Looking forward to reading it, thanks Scott

  3. Andy’s avatar

    My understanding is that the publishers control the selling price of the books, which includes ebooks, here in the UK at least – maybe that is different in the US.

    The prices are set using something called the “agency model”, here’s some information about it

  4. Omid Boloori’s avatar

    Finally! I’ve been counting the days for this to be released. Thanks Scott for all that you do. I’m sure it’ll be just as good, if not better than your previous publications.

  5. karlochacon’s avatar


    Kindle priced is now lower than paperback….

  6. Lieven’s avatar

    iBook not available through the Belgian iTunes store.

    Dear Americans. there is a world outside the US.

  7. Toofanian’s avatar

    Good news, I was waiting for this book to come.

  8. David Marshall’s avatar

    Scott, big congrats! I know how time consuming writing these books can be, so kudos to you for continuing to keep folks educated with the new releases coming out of VMware. Best of luck with your new book. And of course, everything else that you do in life.

  9. Mark Latham’s avatar

    Congratulations on your book!
    I just tried to get the ebook from Wiley but the link is not found.
    Get: Product not found:1118180100

    Will try later


  10. Mike’s avatar

    Just ordered my kindle copy! Can’t wait to get started

  11. Simon P’s avatar


    Congratulations on the book! Will it be available to buy at VMworld in Copenhagen?


  12. slowe’s avatar

    Simon, last time I checked with the publisher, I was told there ARE going to be copies available at the VMworld bookstore in Copenhagen.

  13. PiroNet’s avatar

    Ordered on Amazon last Friday and received my hard copy today, Monday morning via UPS. Wow warp speed… Congratulations on the book Scott.

  14. José Luis Gómez’s avatar

    Hi Scott,

    Today we have received 16 books for the training :-D. Soon… photos :)

    Best regards,

    José Luis Gómez

  15. Leon B’s avatar

    Hi Scott, Why is the Kindle version more expension than the hard copy in the UK?

    Thanks, Leon

  16. slowe’s avatar

    Jose, excellent! I saw the picture on Twitter. I hope the books are helpful and useful, and that your training goes well!

    Leon, I expect that Amazon—who is solely in charge of Kindle pricing—will drop the UK price, much as they did with the US price.

  17. Calson’s avatar

    Scott, thank for the new book.

    Did the book cover the exam blueprint?

  18. Burro Poco’s avatar

    Nice work, thanks Scott. Your VCP4 book was probably 80% of the material I used to achieve VCP4. In the UK the Kindle price is *still* higher than the paperback. I’ve pre-ordered nontheless.

  19. slowe’s avatar

    Calson, the book wasn’t written specifically for the exam, so I didn’t follow the exam blueprint. It might cover all the items on the blueprint, but that wasn’t the focus of the book. That being said, the Mastering 4 book served very well for the exam.

    Burro, I expect the UK Kindle price will drop, as the US price did, but I appreciate your support! I hope that you find the book helpful and useful.

  20. Brad Hedlund’s avatar

    Congrats Scott! Your success and accomplishments over the last few years have been inspirational to many, including me. Keep up the great work.

  21. slowe’s avatar

    Thanks Brad! That’s very kind of you. I really appreciate the networking-centric help you’ve provided—supplying useful virtualization information is the least I can do in return!

  22. Jack’s avatar


    I am a Systems Administrator who is just starting to work with VMware. I took the Install Manage Configure 4.1 course. Right now I am preparing for my vcp4 test.

    I realize your tomes will not fully prepare me for the test . I should read the exam blueprints also, and absorb as much real world experience as I can.

    That being said, would you recommend I buy the 4.1 book, and then the 5 book when I am ready to take vcp5? Or will I be OK using the 5 book to study for both tests?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


  23. slowe’s avatar

    Jack, if your goal is the VCP4 exam, I wouldn’t use vSphere 5 materials. There are enough new features and changes to existing features that you’re likely to get confused. Focus on vSphere 4.x materials for the VCP4, and when you’re ready for the VCP5 exam then switch to vSphere 5 materials.

    Good luck!

  24. Caleb’s avatar

    Thank you Scott for putting together a second masterpiece. Mastering vSphere 5 does not seem to be on Safari books Online. Is it going to be published through Safari?

  25. slowe’s avatar

    Caleb, I do not know if the new book will be available on Safari Online.

  26. Ed’s avatar

    Just been released in the UK – picked mine up over the weekend. Look forward to getting stuck in! Glad to see ~100 pages on storage!

  27. James’s avatar

    I’m also pretty disappointed that the book isn’t available through iBooks outside the US.

    Don’t forget us people Down Under.

  28. slowe’s avatar

    James, I completely understand. I hope that iBook availability will improve over time, but I don’t know that for certain. But rest assured I haven’t forgotten about Down Under—I’ll be there in early December (Brisbane and Melbourne) and I’m bringing some physical copies with me to give away at some VMUG events!

  29. CZ’s avatar

    Unfortunately, not in Czech Apple store as well so a great pity. Hope will be ASAP.

  30. cadey’s avatar

    Hi Scott, I recieved my hard copy this morning. I have booked my exam for the end of the month, lots of bed time reading to begin tonight i hope. Juggling an IBM Storwize v7000 course as well. thanks @cadeyno4

  31. bsnowd’s avatar

    Hello Scott, I was looking around the internet for a good Vmware ESXi book and found excellent reviews for the books you have written. I am an IT consultant with a broad skill set, but I have always liked virtual machines, vmware, etc. for many years and have begun implementing esxi at my client’s sites where I see fit. However, being the “generalist” IT person that I am, I have decided that I would like to get a much more in depth knowledge of ESX/ESxi and become more of an “expert” in this area of computing than most anything else. My plan is to push virtualization and consolidation to existing and hopefully new clients in near future. However, the topic is very broad (ESX/ESXi, virtual machines, etc) and I would like you to recommend a good starting point if possible. I am not completely new to all of this, but I feel that I need a structured approach to really learning the ins and outs (install, config, performance) of ESX/ESXi so that I can eventually take the exams and become certified. Thank you and good luck with the new book!

  32. asim’s avatar

    scott. U R ROCK MAN we love ur book ur writing style …:) thnx a lot

  33. slowe’s avatar

    CZ, I know that Apple releases stuff at different times in different regions. Hopefully the iBook version will appear in an iTunes Store available to you soon!

    Bsnowd, at the risk of sounding self-serving, the best place to start would be with this book. From there, a wealth of information is available to you, but this book would be a good start on building a solid foundation.

    Asim, thank you for the feedback! I hope you enjoy the new book.

  34. bsnowd’s avatar

    Thanks Scott. Do you mean the 4.1 book or 5 book in tearms of getting the solid foundation? Is there a reason not to start with 5 from a historical knowledge perspective?

  35. slowe’s avatar

    Bsnowd, the vSphere 5 book. The previous edition was for vSphere 4.0 (not updated for vSphere 4.1), so I’d recommend the v5 book.

  36. bsnowd’s avatar

    Thank you for the clarification.

  37. Bryan’s avatar

    Is there a disc that comes with the book? And is there a pdf version of the book on that disc?

  38. slowe’s avatar

    Bryan, the softcover book does not come with a CD, nor does it come with a PDF copy of the book.

  39. Bryan’s avatar

    Thanks. I’ll grab the pdf version then.

  40. Brad’s avatar

    Scott, I am curious if you and your co-authors will be releasing a new 5.0 edition of the VMware vSphere Design book?

  41. slowe’s avatar

    Brad, there have been some discussions about updating the VMware vSphere Design book, but nothing has been finalized yet. As soon as I have more information I’ll certainly post something here on my site. Keep in mind that the current version of the book discusses a great many design decisions that are valid for any version of vSphere, so there is still value in the current version of the book. Thanks!

  42. lyle’s avatar

    Is there any where to get errata or corrections for the book?

    Thanks. Your books on V3 and V4 have been very helpful to me, and I’m using this one to prep for my VCP-5 exam.

  43. slowe’s avatar

    Lyle, the errata page isn’t up yet—although I have submitted a few corrections—but it will be found here:

    Thanks for your feedback on the vSphere 4 book, I’m glad to hear that it helped! (BTW, the VI3 book was written by Chris McCain, so I can’t take any credit there.)

  44. Sami’s avatar

    Love your book! Keep up the good work :)

    If one had some questions regarding some information in this book (things that I didn’t understand). Where would one post such questions?

  45. David Shepherd’s avatar


    Is there any Audio books availability for your books.

    I’m just keen to keep listening, hope still learning, while I have to do the more rubbish daily chores of life!


  46. slowe’s avatar

    David, unfortunately there are no audio versions of any of my books. Sorry!

  47. Jaime’s avatar

    Hi, have you thought about a second edition to include the new features of version 5.1?. Thanks.


  48. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m with Jaime, wondering about 5.1. I’m hesitant to buy a book that’s already obsolete, and 5.1 AIUI has functionality that 5.0 doesn’t, eg. vMotion without old-style shared storage.

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