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In the event you haven’t heard, Gestalt IT has organized the Gestalt IT Field Day to take place next week, November 12 and 13, somewhere on the West Coast. This is a very exciting event that brings together multiple vendors and multiple bloggers to discuss their technology and their products in a non-NDA environment. This is a great way for companies to help increase knowledge and awareness of their products. Be prepared, though, to get both the good and the bad—most bloggers won’t hold back!

The list of blogger attendees is an all-star list of folks like (in no particular order) Rich Brambley, Chris Evans, Robin Harris, Greg Ferro, Rod Haywood, John Obeto, Nigel Poulton, Simon Seagrave, and more! This is quite a gathering of folks. The sponsor companies should be very grateful to get in front of this audience!

For more information on Gestalt IT Field Day, check out the following links:

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Although I wasn’t able to make it to this event, I’m hopeful that Gestalt IT will organize future events that I will be able to attend. In the meantime, though, look for some great information from these folks next week!

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  1. Greg Ferro’s avatar

    Many of these bloggers are travelling long distances to attend the Tech Field Day. Australia, UK, Europe is well represented.

    It’s going to be me an interesting global cross section of people, which means some really interesting discussions and debates will happen.

    Can’t wait to get there.

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