Some New Christian Music

I recently purchased some new Christian music to add to my iTunes library; I had a credit with iTunes from some iTunes Gift Cards that my kids gave me for Christmas. After six months, I figured I’d better go ahead and use the iTunes credit or it would disappear.

After browsing for a while, I ended up selecting the following albums:

  • Unbreakable by Fireflight – I haven’t finished listening to the entire album, but so far my favorite track is “Forever”.
  • Addison Road by Addison Road – I really like “Hope Now,” which has been played quite a bit on the radio in my area, but haven’t had the chance to listen to the rest of the album yet.
  • The Invitation by Meredith Andrews – “You’re Not Alone” is a good song. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

These three albums joined my last iTunes purchase of these Christian albums:

  • Over and Underneath by Tenth Avenue North
  • Learning to Lose by The Turning
  • You Alone by Echoing Angels
  • Risk by Ten Shekel Shirt

Of these four albums, I’m really enjoying “Never Again” and “In My Mind” by The Turning, and “Love is Here” by Tenth Avenue North. Of course, the hit song “You Alone” by Echoing Angel is really good, and I also like “Coming Back to Life” on the same album. From Ten Shekel Shirt, “Safest Place” is my current favorite.

Any recommendations on albums or artists I should consider for my next purchase?

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  1. JW’s avatar

    Scott, you might want to check out House of Heroes’ album, The End Is Not The End. Really cool, very creative stuff.
    You can’t go wrong with any of Jars of Clay stuff, especially their first album and their Good Monsters album.
    Downhere’s Wide Eyed and Mystified
    Circleslide’s Uncommon Days
    Day of Fire

    All good music representing the love of Christ.

  2. Sam’s avatar

    Anything good, so this would exclude anything Christian.

  3. slowe’s avatar

    I’d disagree that anything good excludes anything Christian, but I guess there’s room for all beliefs and all tastes, right? You might be surprised at the quality of some of the contemporary Christian music out there…maybe you should give it a try. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Ron’s avatar

    Okay in all seriousness I love the VeggieTales music, no joke, it’s catchy, christian, and cool

    or you could check out

  5. Dale Javier’s avatar

    I agree that there are a lot of Christian songs which are pleasant to the ears. It’s not your run-of-the-mill chanting anymore – that was a long time ago. Christian music is just as open to evolution as the rest of the music world, so don’t count it out just yet.

  6. Ray’s avatar

    I used to be a music major before I moved to being a computer geek. One professor I had used the VeggieTales songs to teach us Aural Training, to figure out and transcribe a song by listening to it.
    As for Christian music, I liked P.O.D. before I even knew they were a Christian band. Mostly I listen to whats on the local Christian radio stations.

  7. chris’s avatar

    Have you ever checked out It’s a great site for news and reviews. I have a found a lot of good music that I would have not otherwise know about.

  8. Matt’s avatar

    Based upon what you have listed above check the following:
    Casting Crowns – Altar and The Door (1st 6 songs are great, the last few on the album are ok)
    Jeremy Camp – Speaking Louder Than Before (Great album!)
    Steve Curtis Chapman – Declaration (he’s my favorite Christian Artist)
    Third Day (really any album, great artists)

    For more hard rockin artists:
    Skillet, Kutlass

  9. slowe’s avatar


    Good suggestions–actually, all of those are already in my library! I’m a huge Casting Crowns fan, as well as Jeremy Camp and Steven Curtis Chapman. I don’t really care for Skillet, but Kutless isn’t too bad. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. jim’s avatar

    hey Scott!
    the new Jars of Clay is awesome, Good Monsters an all-time great.

    there’s another great group called Red Umbrella, a little progressive, not as edgy as Fireflight, but top quality.

    and a great under-the-radar album is “The Drawing Room”- self titled.
    it’s by one of the guys from Thousand Foot Krutch but doesn’t really sound like them. one of my new faves.

    happy hunting!

  11. Chris’s avatar


    I recommend Brooke Fraser. Albertine is an amazing album. I must confess, I love The Afters too. As well as everything else you mention. Switchfoot goes without saying.

  12. Mark’s avatar

    Scott – Love your blog! Keep up the good work. A few new albums to check out. Love the House of Heroes new release and Jars of Clay:

    Glory Revealed II – Features great music from a whole slew of artists (Mac Powell from Third Day, Shane & Shane, Amy Grant, Matt Maher, Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North, etc.). Check it out here:

    Mikeschair: Really cool group just released on Word/Curb Records. All graduates of Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Check out the album at

    Everyday Sunday: New album might be a little young, but it rocks!

    As if you couldn’t tell, I work at Sorry for the blatant plug for our site. I love your insight on stuff and will add your blog to my reader so I can catch up with all you’re reviewing and liking.

  13. Free Christian Music’s avatar

    You might like some of the Christian music and hymns we offer for free download in mp3 format on our Delivering Hope Christian site at:

    I plan on adding new music too. All sons are legal to use and download for own personal use, as all copyrights are owned by myself. Be blessed and worship Him!

  14. Penny Brown’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing your recent music purchases. Thought you might also enjoy our artist Jason Gray! He has a new release coming out next week but I think you might also like his previous stuff. You can check him out on itunes or find him at

  15. Christian fiction books’s avatar

    Wow! It looks like you chose some good Christian music! I also love the song “Hope Now” of Addison Road. I find it very inspirational! Why don’t you try 33 miles? I heard that they have beautiful songs, too.

  16. germ161’s avatar

    check out the Wow hits 2010 has ALOT of awesome artists

  17. JediTears09’s avatar

    Hey, try the WOW Hits 2010. There’s a song by fireflight, and a lot of other great bands. It seems that you like a variety of Christian music, and WOW is perfect for that! :)

  18. JediTears09’s avatar

    Awww, whoops, it would have been helpful if I told you the website is here —> and that it hit stores in October 2009, so you can pick up a copy right now!

    Also, try Relient K, they’re my favorite… they may be considered secular nowadays, but they have a whole lot of great Christian songs from the eariler albums, and a few good ones mixed in the more recent… I haven’t been able to get their new CD yet, so I couldn’t tell you what that’s like, but I guarantee it’s a great listen!

  19. Richard’s avatar

    Not an album or anything great, but a simple site your kids may like.
    I put up this site one evening in tha late 1990′s and emailed the link around. To my surprise someone I worked with later thanked me and said that was the only christmas music their family had during their christmas dinner. They were going through hard times and the thanks for suchs a simple thing thouched me and I have never taken it down.


  20. Julie’s avatar

    Chase the Unseen is a really great unknown artist. They are very inspiring!

    I would definitely check out Freedom Calling by Jake Hamilton

    Come Away by Jesus Culture

    The Best Yet- Switchfoot (Awesome Album) My fav. songs This is Home and Dare You to Move

    Also Beautiful things by Gungor

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