Hyper9 Virtualization Mobile Manager Beta Invitations

The fine folks over at Hyper9 recently offered me a very limited number of special beta invitations for Hyper9′s new Virtualization Mobile Manager (VMM) product. As you may already know, VMM is the brainchild of Andrew Kutz, who recently joined Hyper9 and has already released a few snippets of code via H9Labs.

Here are some highlights of VMM:

  • Supports all major hypervisors: VMware Server 2, VMware Infrastructure 3 (VMware ESX and VMware ESXi 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5), Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer 5
  • Runs as an Apache Tomcat web application, supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Accessible from just about any mobile device: Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android-based phones, and Windows Mobile devices
  • “Gracefully degrades” into Lite Mode if the mobile device doesn’t support all the web UI features

While the VMM beta is open to the general public, I have 15 special invitations that will grant additional benefits (extra perks, if you will). Specifically, these beta invitations will come with:

  • A 50% discount on the already low pricing for VMM once it is released
  • Automatic entry into a contest, starting in June, to win a mobile device
  • A limited edition Hyper9 T-shirt (assuming you provide a little feedback to the team at Hyper9)

Interested in one of these special invitations? Well, you’re going to have to work for it. Post a comment to this article telling me why you should be one of the lucky 15 readers who gets a special invitation. Telling me you’ll help promote my upcoming vSphere book might improve your chances…or it might not! I’ll leave comments open until Friday, May 22, or until I get 30 comments on the article, whichever comes first. From the comments on the article I’ll select the top 15 to receive the special invitation to the VMM beta.

In the event you aren’t interested in one of the special invitations, or if you read this article after the invitations have already been given out, you can also register for the beta from the Hyper9 community site.

So post your comment now!

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  1. vTrooper’s avatar

    Well I need it to fend off the Hypervisor sprawl and deathmatch that is starting to rear its head in my enterprise.

    I can’t hardly build and internal Cloud without a good set of tools can I?


  2. Taylor Banks’s avatar

    Scott, as a fellow VCI who will gladly promote your upcoming vSphere book (assuming it’s good, of course ;) I’d love to participate!

    Oh, and how about points for first post? :D


  3. William’s avatar

    Hey Scott,

    Great article, hoping to get an invitation =)

    I’ll definitely give Hyper9′s VMM a go if I get in and kick the the tires around on both our VI 3.5 and VI4 environment. I’ve also pre-ordered Mastering VMware vSphere 4.0 and I’ve helped spread to the word to few colleagues of your book as well, hoping they’ll pre-order like I did


  4. Ryan’s avatar


    I really really need one of those beta spots. I’m so tired of getting out my laptop connecting to the coffee shop WiFi, firing up the VPN client, loading up the management console. In fact as an alternative I was just about to open up the management to the internet to save the VPN step. But thanks to this product I won’t need to. I can sit back and drink my double mocha half caff no foam latte knowing that i can manage my VMs with ease. Boy will this impress the ladies. “Yeah thats right, I can reboot the corporate ERP system from here anytime I like.”

    Also I could use the free shirt.

    Did I mention I plan on giving your book as Christmas presents to my whole family?

  5. Lew Smith’s avatar

    We’ve predicted that mobile management will be a large trend in the Virtualization Management vertical over the next year. Many of our customers are looking towards solutions to give their administrators easier ways to “keep an eye” on systems via handheld mobile devices without heavily interfering with personal time. Hyper9′s release looks to be a platform that could deliver on this need. Our team will definitely be looking at this solution in our lab!

    Lew Smith
    Interphase Systems, Inc.

  6. Roger Lund’s avatar

    Hey Scott,

    I work for a small shop compared to some. I work for a health care specialty clinic. We have three ESX hosts, running 21 VM’s. These three Hosts where converted into VMware Hosts, they were running a SQL server, File Server and Sharepoint Server. Two of the prod, and one Dev. Since we have started the VMware Conversion, I have P2V’d a SQL server, Application Server, and Sharepoint Server. I have built a new DC, & a new DNS/DHCP Server. a WSUS server, a Symantec Endpoint Server. We then added a NetApp 3140 San. Since then we added a second SQL 2005 server, and brought in Exchange 2007 on Server 2008. I have some other dev and smaller installs on the cluster as well. I am currently working on Building a PACS VM for our PACS Vendor, we are going to move our data from two Physical FB SAN’s to our NetApp san next week, and I will P2V the legacy PACS server at the same time. The above took place in the last six to eight Months.

    On the personal side, My self and a couple of others have started a local IT & Virutalization User Group http://www.educait.net/ and the user group’s page, http://www.centralmnit.com/ We met last Thrusday , and had a introduction to Virtualization topic, we will lucky to have a VMware Sales rep able to attend as well. It went well, and we had over 30 people attend. Long term we hope to use this to educate local business and people alike. We have started a collection of older hardware, in the hopes to be able to use it to show off products as we discuss them.

    I would be more than willing to reference you book either on my blog, or at the user group. I would even review the book if offered.

  7. Scott McDonnell’s avatar

    Hey fellow Scott,

    I think mobile administration is the future for IT Admins. Like the physical servers, I think support is being virtualized. With the every increasing availability of smart phones we should be able to work anywhere and from any platform.

    We have Iphones, and Blackberries at our organization and this tool would be a great test for us. We are new to Virtual game, but have learned alot from your BLOG!!

    I pre-ordered your book from amazon as soon as I read your post. I am going to pay extra with exchange and shipping up here to the great white north, but I know it will be worth every penny.


  8. Stacy Sneeden’s avatar


    A. I’ll bang on it with XenServer 5 pretty hard. (probably not a TON of XenServer readers here)

    B. I’ve pre-ordered your book (as you knew I would :-) )

    C. We’ve been friends for 25 years (likely longer than ANY of your readers)

    I really would like to test this out, specifically with the XenServer virtualization project I’m working on, that you and I havee spoken of recently.


  9. Ryan Melton’s avatar


    Mobile administration is something I’ve been working with for some time now and agree that everyone needs this.

    I first came across an article by Dmitry Sotnikov http://dmitrysotnikov.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/execute-powershell-scripts-from-your-smartphone/ that explains how to use your smartphone to execute Powershell scripts.

    I took this a step farther and integrated the VI-Tookit into the process so that I can manage my VI. I showed a demo of this in my VMworld 2008 presentation “Guide To Automating The Virtual Datacenter”. It has saved me a number of times when off site, on vacation, or in disposed.

    I’ve been test driving KL(vSphere) since last June and using Dmitry’s email method to help manage it.

    But now I’m ready to take it to the next step with Hyper9′s VMM.

  10. Vince Stewart’s avatar

    Scott, I am one man shop so far (Hosting Desktop Ubuntu) for the enthusiast market. I developed my solution 3 years ago in June so I was out front before probably any other. My solution involves integrating only the most cutting edge solutions into my offering and as such I need the most cutting edge tools to manage my operations. I do not have a fancy website, but it is all about the technology inside. I will always be the best in my space because I always look for the best tools on the market i.e.(VMware ESX).

    If this will help, I will post something on my site right away to get to that VMM beta deal. My site is http://WWW.TVWGroup.net the future site will be http://www.UbuntuInTheClouds.com. Now with a domain name like that how can you not hook me up with VMM. I secured the name way before anyone was thinking cloud, Oh and another cool domain I secured was http://www.thevirtualizationist.com. I must really think I am the man, but really, “Scott Is Da Man”

    Vince Stewart

  11. Chris Lukas’s avatar

    Hi Scott,

    I run the NYC meetup group on virtualization. I bring a portable infrastructure (2 hosts, 1 iscsi target server, 1 mgmt PC) and talk about and teach virtualization to the members of the group (or anyone else, it’s an open group). I can give the product a good run thru with the 3 main hypervisors. I signed up for the earlier hyper9 beta in December with John Meadows but did not have my infrastructure ready. Now it’s ready and I’m ready to test hyper9 (again) and I can see if Hyper 9 Mobile management is better than RDP on my Win6.1 phone.

  12. George’s avatar

    1 – i have been following your blog for quite some time now, so naturaly i will be purchasing your book.

    2 – i work for a healthcare organization that usually has a hard time getting their hands on new software and i am trying to change that. This may be a good push in that direction.

    3 – with the advent of mobile administration we are currently testing multiple applications on a mobile platform. Such as citrix and some medical software and currently test this on iphones, blackberrys, and dell pda’s. This could be a great addition to our mobile line up of apps.

  13. nfritsch’s avatar


    Other than enjoying dinner with you at Binions Horshoe the last evening of VMworld 2008 and our wives hanging out while we were stuck in conferences all day, I value being able to remotely manage my environment. Who wants to be stuck at the office? I still hate getting that phone call at 2AM telling me that a server isn’t responding.

    VMM will make my life much easier. I can enjoy being with my family while we’re camping on the weekends and not have to worry about having access to a computer and internet wherever I may be.

    And of course I’ll be ordering your book. I’m very excited about some of the features in vSphere. I read your blog daily and absolutely enjoy the info you provide to the virtual and storage community. I hope to make it out to San Fran this fall for VMworld 2009, but we’ll have to see if that goes through the budget.

    Thanks Scott.


  14. Landon Fraley’s avatar


    Nothing like waiting until the last minute to raise my hand. I would definitely appreciate one of the ultra-limited, special Hyper9 VMM Beta invitations. I have been following your blog for over a year now (since making the move from Storage/Backup solutions to Virtualization) and appreciate the fresh perspective you bring to the v12n community.

    I would have loved to make it out to the Virtualization Congress to see your session, but was able to keep up through twitter and all the coverage the event received.

    I’ve got access to an extensive XenServer environment of my own devising and can certainly provide a good bit of feedback about the functionality in that area.


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