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Virtualization Short Take #21

Virtualization Short Take #21 is a collection of press releases, news announcements, and other links that have been collecting in my inbox over the past couple of weeks.

  • CohesiveFT has announced VPN-Cubed™, which is touted as “an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) enabling customer-controlled security inside a single cloud, across multiple clouds, and between clouds and private infrastructure.” The full press release is here. Security within and between clouds is a key challenge that has yet to be addressed by any vendor, so if CohesiveFT’s claims are true then they have something quite useful on their hands.

  • Leostream and eG Innovations have apparently teamed up to give eG Innovations better visibility into the Leostream Connection Broker software. I would direct you to a web site that provides full details about this announcement, but eG Innovations’ news/press release page hasn’t been updated since the middle of September. Oops. (Update: The site has been updated now after being completely unavailable earlier today, 11/5/2008. Apparently eG moved their web site and ran into a few problems making sure the latest content was migrated. Oops again.)

  • vmSight has published a survey about virtualized desktops based on information gathered during VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas. More information about the survey and a link to the actual report itself is available from vmSight’s web site.

  • Research firm Ideas International has prepared a “functional evaluation” of the three major server virtualization platforms on the market—VMware Infrastructure 3, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer 5.0. The evaluation is available here, but readers must register for a free account in order to actually see the results.

That’s it for now; this time around it’s short and sweet. Feel free to add your comments with any news or links you found useful recently. Thanks!

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