HP Buys LeftHand Networks

I just got word this morning from a co-worker that HP has announced it will buy LeftHand Networks for about $360 million. The official HP news release can be found here on the HP web site.

It will be interesting to see how HP integrates the LeftHand offerings into their existing storage product lines—the All-in-One (AiO), Modular Smart Array (MSA), and Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) product lines. Based on HP’s news release, it looks like they envision the LeftHand products fitting in between the AiO/MSA at the low end and the EVA at the high end.

With the purchase of EqualLogic by Dell and today’s acquisition of LeftHand by HP, it looks like all the small iSCSI-focused startups are getting acquired by system vendors. Does this signal a trend?

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  1. Justin’s avatar

    I view this as a good move by HP. HP already provided hardware for Lefthand Networks, so why not purchase the software and integrate it into their business? Our company enjoys it because we are a primary HP shop and just installed our first Lefthand Networks SAN.

  2. Mike’s avatar

    It was only a matter of time before this happened; HP is in desperate need of a solid iSCSI and NAS offerings. Their “bolt on” qlogic gateway for the EVA is very weak as is their entire support for iSCSI at every level of storage offering.

    I think it would be interesting to see them do something with this software as it relates to the EVA. Indeed, if HP were smart they would figure out a way to offer a holistic FC, iSCSI, NAS offering with a single interface on the EVA controllers. This would give them a way to compete against the NetApps and EMC’s of the world at the mid-tier.

  3. sanjayk’s avatar


    read that it explains LeftHand’s products in common terms. That makes the acquisition much easier to understand

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