No Liveblog for TA2441

I originally had TA2441, VI3 Networking Concepts and Best Practices, on my schedule, but upon a close review of the agenda it looks like this is all stuff I’ve seen before. In fact, it looks like stuff I’ve written about quite extensively, so I’m skipping out on this session. Sorry to disappoint anyone!

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  1. Jason Boche’s avatar

    I attended but as you say most of the information is rather redundant for seasoned users. I will say the session was better than I expected though.

  2. Andrea’s avatar

    I did go to this and agree that it was mostly old hat. I was glad to see that multi-chassis etherchannel was one of the recommended practices.
    The only other note I had was iSCSI multi-nic setup for possible load balancing:
    - if all targets are the same place, use the default “virtual source” network config
    - if targets are different, recommends using IP Hash / portchannel config

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