A new movie from the producers of “Facing the Giants” is set to open on September 26, 2008. The movie, “Fireproof”, stars Kirk Cameron, and focuses on the story of a firefighter and his efforts to save a crumbling marriage. I absolutely love the tagline: “Never leave your partner behind.”

The movie’s web site is here, and there’s also a Fireproof blog available as well.

Marriage resources based on the movie are available at

Lord willing, I will be there opening night, paying full price for tickets to see the movie. These kinds of movies are worth supporting.


  1. William Bishop’s avatar

    I’ve not seen promos at my theater, but it sounds interesting(he’s not a bad actor at all). Is this only releasing at particular places?

  2. Vaughn’s avatar

    In recent Kirk Cameron has made some great comedies with Ray Comfort. Do you know if Ray is in this movie?

  3. slowe’s avatar


    I do believe that the initial distribution is limited in scope, but we’re hoping that it will expand quickly. I would check the web site for links to help you determine if it is playing in your area.


    I don’t see any indication that Ray is in this movie. It doesn’t mean he isn’t, just that the site doesn’t list him as being involved. While I’m sure there will be some comedic aspects to this movie, I suspect that the focus will be more on the dramatic and spiritual aspects of the story.

  4. Ben Pottinger’s avatar

    thanks for the heads up. Sadly there are not enough good quality movies that display good christian morals anymore. Hollywood doesn’t seem to notice that some of the biggest moneymakers out there are often the “G” rated flicks.

  5. Bart Thomas’s avatar

    Looks great. I plan on seeing Fireproof next weekend. I just got done watching the trailer at They have the trailer in awesome HD quality. Let’s support this film and Marriage!

  6. patrick’s avatar

    I just got back from watching Fireproof… it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen

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