No, Not That Scott Lowe

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.

I’ve been confused for the other Scott Lowe. Yes, that’s right; there’s more than one.

The other Scott Lowe writes for, and currently works for either Elmira College or Westminster College; I’m not sure which. (I’ve seen both; I think it’s Westminster.) He’s published a couple of books, including one on Exchange Server 2007 that was published by Microsoft Press, and owns the domain.

Normally, being mistaken for the other Scott Lowe wouldn’t be a problem; he seems like a smart, well-respected, knowledgeable guy. In this case, though, it was some business contacts at NetApp that picked up this article in which Scott Lowe purchased an EMC storage array. Clearly you can see where that would cause some confusion.

So, just to set the record straight: I didn’t purchase an EMC storage array. Nor did I purchase a Dell M1000e blade chassis. I also don’t know anything about open source IP telephony. Sorry. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with any of these products; it just wasn’t me. I do have a copy of the aforementioned Exchange Server 2007 book; but it’s not my name on the front cover, unfortunately.

I hope this helps to clear things up. However, if you’ve accidentally mistaken me for him, and you’d rather read his stuff, this search should help you out.

Now, back to looking at my Toshiba CIX1200 phone system. Oh, wait—that wasn’t me, either…



  1. Chad Sakac’s avatar

    I don’t want to cause any friction, or get you introuble with my respected colleagues at NetApp…. BUT if you do WANT to try an EMC storage platform, I’m happy to get you a couple on the house, Scott :-)

    Heck, then you can compare NetApp’s SnapManager family (including SMVI) and EMC’s Replication Manager (including VMware support and integration), as well as compare our NFS, iSCSI and FC support (including the usual cast of thin provisioning, writeable snaps, yadda, yadda).

    Or, just download the OVF of the Celerra and you can get started.

    I couldn’t NOT offer :-)

  2. slowe’s avatar


    You *had* to offer, right? :)

    In all seriousness, I’ll consider the offer and get back to you. I appreciate it.

  3. Scott Lowe’s avatar

    You were right; I work for Westminster College, but previously worked for Elmira College but haven’t gotten around to updating my profile everywhere yet.

    It’s nice to know that there are TWO Scott Lowes considered smart, well-respected, knowledgable guys… at least by another Scott Lowe.

    Maybe we should get together and write a book? We can put both our names on the cover.


  4. slowe’s avatar


    Hey, I’m open to the book suggestion. Let me know when you want to get started! :-)


  5. Scott Lowe’s avatar

    If you’re serious, I’m in. I have some publisher contacts that might be useful. Given what I’ve read in your blog and what I do, I could see a virtualization book :-)

    I’m working on a Win2K8 book right now, but after August, no more large projects planned for a while.


  6. slowe’s avatar


    I’m in! Drop me an e-mail and we’ll get the ball rolling.


  7. Scott Lowe’s avatar

    Ahem. *cough*. Hi guys.

    Today I’ve been vanity-googling, and this only gets more confusing. I’m also in IT, and yep, my name is Scott Lowe, and occasionly people looking for me are me getting confused for the both of you.

    Fortunately I don’t do much server stuff – it’s mostly C# & .NET.

  8. slowe’s avatar

    Hi Scott!

    Glad to hear from you. Maybe I should arrange a “Scott Lowe meetup”, where all of us Scott Lowes can get together and have a friendly chat.

    At least your area of expertise doesn’t overlap with Scott and me. Do you write for any online magazines? At least that way I can be prepared for the eventual time when someone will ask me how to do something in C# since I wrote that article about it.

    Take care, Scott!


  9. Brian Winkler’s avatar

    Scott, those aren’t your books? I’ve been wondering where you were finding all of that time. I felt so inadequate… but now I know that there are two of you, that’s cheating!

  10. slowe’s avatar

    Actually, Brian, there’s three of us.

    Truth is, I’ve finally perfected that cloning process that Greg asked about back at Datanet, and my clones just decided they wanted to branch off into new areas. Nobody told me that was cheating… :-)

  11. Dave Gorman’s avatar

    Hi all, Nice to hear there are so many Scott Lowes about… I’m a Dave Gorman!!! ;-)

  12. Harsha’s avatar

    And I am Harsha Reddy. :)

  13. Jose  Ribeiro’s avatar

    Maybe you guys should start addressing yourselves like the bank robbers in Spike Lee’s “Inside Man”: Scott, Scottie, Scotty-o

    Just a suggestion :-)

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